Do You Think Normalizing Obesity Is good? Read This First

Today, many people speak about loving their bodies regardless of weight and health conditions. You should indeed love your body no matter what. But you also ought to take care of your body. People who are obese consider it wrong when someone points it out and normalizes obesity without realizing the difference between loving and caring for their bodies.

According to World Health Organization, the number of obese people has increased threefold since 1975. If you are overweight and obese or know someone with this condition, you should read this post to learn about the various health issues related to obesity before normalizing obesity.

Do You Think Normalizing Obesity Is good? Read This First

5 health issues associated with obesity

Obesity is a condition when the body accumulates excess unhealthy fat. People consider it a cosmetic problem levying societal norms, but more than that. According to the colorectal doctor, Dr. Kulvir Nandra, obesity is a severe medical condition. He shares that most of his colonoscopy or colon cancer patients learned this the hard way that their obesity led them to cancer or rectum diseases.

Similarly, there are many health conditions that obesity promotes. The list is endless but read on to find the common conditions:

Heart diseases

Heart diseases are prevalent among obese individuals. The fat accumulates in the arteries resulting in the narrowing of arteries. They are responsible for supplying blood to the heart from where it pumps to the whole body.

Fat accumulation increases the pressure on the heart and decreases the blood flow. It results in strokes and heart attacks. People with heart diseases have high LDL, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Liver diseases

NASH is a common condition in overweight and obese individuals. It is commonly known as fatty liver. As the name suggests, excess fat builds up in the liver, causing the scar tissue to grow. Symptoms of fatty liver include digestive issues, lack of appetite, etc. In unfortunate cases, fatty liver can also lead to liver failure. The only way to cure liver diseases is to lose fat, reduce weight, and exercise to gain strength.

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Certain cancers

Obesity promotes different types of cancers, such as colon, breast, pancreatic, prostate, etc. According to a study, obesity and overweight led to 28000 new cancer cases in men and 72000 new cancer cases in women in 2012. The fat accumulation in your body does a lot of damage to different body parts. So care for your body and lose the excess fat.

Pregnancy complications

Studies have shown that overweight and obese women go through complicated pregnancies. It is common for obese women to develop insulin resistance in their bodies. In addition, they suffer from high blood pressure, preeclampsia, blood clots, premature births, and spinal cord defects. It would benefit you if you took care of your bodies.


Body shaming is one of the primary reasons for depression among obese people. It is where the concept of loving your bodies comes into existence. Many people also commit suicide, and some suffer from severe mental disorders due to discrimination based on their body weight.

Final words

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a part of loving your body. Pave the way for a healthy tomorrow by working on your health today. The concept of body positivity promotes working on staying fit with a happy heart. It is never too late to understand the severity of obesity.

5 health issues associated with obesity

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