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We all have an idea of how we want to look like in mind. Some of us have to gain weight to meet that target and others have to lose weight to meet their target weight. No matter what, getting your ideal weight takes time and effort.

How to get your ideal weight

Now to work towards your ideal weight, one has to know his or her body composition. This let’s you know how much body fat and muscle you have and which part of your body these fats are stored and that is; how the fat is distributed around your body.

The best way to know your body composition is to use a skulpt scanner. This scan does not only measure fat, it also checks for potentially dangerous fat that might be around your organs.
Once you know how fat is distributed around your body, you will know which parts of your body to work more on to reach your ideal weight. So knowing your body composition will be a very important tool in gaining or losing weight to meet your target weight. This scan can also track your progress on either your weight loss or weight gain journey.

how to maintain your weight

How to maintain your ideal weight.

Now you’ve hit your target weight but maintaining it can be very difficult. If you are not careful, you might end up either gaining more or losing weight. So here are some tips to follow if you want to maintain your ideal weight.

1. Count your calorie intake

To maintain your weight, studies have shown that women need to take in 2,000 calories daily and men need 2,500 calories daily. So you have to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories daily. This is because taking in less will cause you to lose weight and taking in more calories will make you gain weight.

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2. Eat right and stay hydrated

Just because you need to take in 2,000 calories daily doesn’t mean you should eat just anything. Cut down on junk food. Eat right. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. And also remember to drink more water; at least 8 glasses of water daily.

3. Workout

Just because you have reached your target weight doesn’t mean you should stop working out. It shouldn’t be anything over the top. It can be jogging, or stretching or evening walks; whatever works for you. But you must make sure you don’t stop exercising just because you have reached your ideal weight. Exercising helps you keep fit and healthy.

4. Check your weight

To make sure you are maintaining your weight, you should check your weight often. Dont just look in your mirror and say I look the same or rely on people telling you if you are gaining or losing weight. You can use a scale.

5. Sleep for 7 hours at night

To make sure you maintain your weight, you should sleep for 7 hours. If you get less sleep, like 5 hours or less, your body doesn’t get enough rest like it needs and it can cause you to lose weight. If you sleep for than 7 hours, this causes your body to slow down metabolism and you might end up gaining weight. So to make sure you maintain your weight, sleep for 7 hours. That is exactly how much sleep your body needs to maintain your weight.


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