7 Health Benefits Of Eggs For Kids


Parents can never imagine abandoning eggs from their children’s diets. They want the best for their kids, whether in school, during early development, or to swivel their way through life. Parents aren’t focused on much – they just want their kids to be happy and eat eggs!

Now finicky kids would definitely beat around the bush if ‘stinky’ or ‘bland’ foods were served. Every morning while making omelet, parents try to come up with sneaky ways to feed this nutritious and wholesome delicacy to their kids.

If you are not including eggs in your kids’ diet, then it is high time you start doing so. Below, we have listed seven healthy benefits of eggs for kids – you will consider having eggs every day after reading this too!

boiled eggs

Health benefits of eggs for kids

1. Boost Their Immune System

Did you know that a large egg could contain up to 22% of the RDA of selenium? This nutrient helps in supporting your kid’s immune system and in the regulation of thyroid hormones.

If children do not absorb enough selenium throughout their early age or adolescence, they could be inclined towards Keshan disease or the Kashin-Beck disease. These conditions are notorious for affecting the bones, heart, and joint muscles.

2. Stacked With Quality Protein

It is vital to incorporate protein into your kids’ diet every day. These proteins are actually the building blocks of growth as they generate tissues giving means to functional and structural processes.

Furthermore, did you know that one large egg can provide more than 6 grams of protein, which is 13% of the recommended daily value?

Additionally, eggs are also the yummiest form of inducing amino acids into your kids’ systems. This will inevitably construct stronger bones, erupt muscle mass while refraining from weight gain.

3. Brain Food

If you’d like to maintain their health, you have to rely on eggs. The brain is the key to such regulation. If you want their health to thrive, you have to pay attention to what the brain needs as well.

Eggs are packed with minerals and vitamins, which helps in regulating the functioning of the nervous system, memory, brain cells, and metabolism.

Eggs are largely induced with a nutrient called choline. This is required for neurotransmitters; hence, a lower percentage of choline in kids can actually lead to many neurological and cognitive disorders.

Studies show that more than 90% of Americans do not consume the recommended percent of choline in their diet. Moreover, the benefits of eggs are also linked to omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 are necessary fats needed for the prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

fried eggs and toasted bread

4. Lower Risks of Heart Diseases

Have you ever paid attention to LDL( low density lipoprotein) levels? You will now. Let’s break it down first. There are two subtypes of LDL – small and large.

Let’s focus on large LDL, as that’s known as the ‘good’ cholesterol. Large LDL is further beneficial as these can actually lower the risks of heart diseases in children.

People who have high levels of small LDL are more prone to heart blockages as these ‘bad’ cholesterol transport fats to the artery walls.

Eggs have shown a remarkable notion in boosting the large LDL levels. After all, bigger is better, right?

5. Drop-in Sugar Intake

As your kids keep munching on their most-liked chips and gummy bears, the red alarms start blaring inside your head.

And such an occurrence is for a better cause, as one of the predominant reasons behind obesity in North America is rich sugar intake. And as toddlers have a sweet tooth, it is undeniably a struggle to make their diets sugar-free.

On the other hand, eggs are sugar-free, wholesome food that is also rich in nutrients and vitamins. If your kid is particularly stingy about eggs – get creative!

Shape up those boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs into petite hearts and bears. With the added bonus of  

being versatile – you’re free to cook and shape them up with a cookie-cutter; however, your kids fancy!

It will simply take the edge off of your kids as eggs can score high on the satiety index. This is an index utilized to measure the feeling of fullness and what foods can contribute to such feelings. Eggs – by far, have won that race.

omelette with cherry tomatoes, parsley and grated cheese

6. Inject Essential Minerals

To name a few – phosphorus, zinc, iodine, and iron are densely packed in eggs. The minerals are integral to building and maintaining your kids’ immune systems and nourishing a healthier body. Zinc simplifies food into energy.

Needless to say that, your kids will be active and experience a boost in their energy levels. Iron, on the other hand, is essential for building and making bones stronger.

Iron deficiency in blood levels can cause multiple illnesses that later threaten to interchange with chronic diseases. Iodine is needed to build and regulate the thyroid hormone and selenium; eggs are a great source for that.

7. Healthy Growth

Eggs are filled with all-things-good, but they can actually make children feel fuller for a longer time. This leads to a lesser intake of junk or nibble munching.

Thus, fewer calories are supplemented into their diets. A protein-based breakfast, consisting of eggs, can reduce overall hunger in children, which also smacks down their ‘desire to eat’ by 30%.

Not only that, but eggs support better skin and hair growth, too, due to the B-complex vitamins it endures. You will support your children’s eye health as eggs have protective and powerful antioxidants – lutein and zeaxanthin.

Improve their nails, bones, and teeth health by inducing eggs into their everyday breakfast. Due to the presence of vitamin-D and calcium, eggs give strength to these harder structures.


Eggs bestow so much upon kids that doctors claim not only apples but also one egg a day keeps the doctor away.

Eggs are a great way to do versatile cooking; thus, getting creative with it is more comfortable. Think of it as core food and get innovative! If you can impress your kids with mere eggs – you can literally achieve anything – food-wise.


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