The Way You Treat Your Body Will Catch Up With You

how you treat your body

We’re young and naive. Until we reach an age where we really notice that our body is changing, our mind is changing, and the way we’re able to live our lives is changing, we stay naive.

And no, getting to that point in your 20’s where hangovers seem to last more than a day is not what we mean by your body catching up with you. It might be far into the future for some of you, or it might be just around the corner.

But as you truly move into old age, you will notice that the way you’re treating your body now, is going to have a profound effect on how your body is going to treat you when you get older.

So, we’re going to highlight some of the bad habits that so many of us have right now, that will definitely start to catch up on before you know it. Hopefully after reading this, you might think about dropping a habit or two!

Smoking & Drinking

Even if this one doesn’t apply to you, you will most likely have someone close to you in your life that’s a big smoker and drinker, and it’ll pay for you to absorb some information to pass onto them.

Smoking and drinking are two leading causes in cancers for one. But we also understand that some people go through their life doing both, without ever falling ill. However, if it’s not the dreaded cancer, smoking in particular can cause so many problems with the respiratory system.

Right from a young age, people notice being more out of breath than others! COPD is a chronic lung condition related to smoking that many are suffering from, some so severely they require a CPAP full face mask at home. This is a continuous flow of high pressured air to try and regulate and support the breathing.

Drinking can also cause a world of problems. From weight gain to liver problems, you’ll be lucky to get through life without experiencing one side effect.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is one most of us are definitely guilty of. Binge eating is when you go through stages of just eating everything and anything all day, you sort of become a food hoover.

The obvious health issue related to this is obesity. But further to that, so many people contract diabetes, which is a life changing and permanent condition. You’ll start to feel really sluggish, and your overall mood will be rather low.

So try and control your calorie intake, and try and make it as clean as possible. We know that some of you won’t be interested in eating a super strict diet, but at least cutting out some of the binge eating is a start!

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is one of the leading causes of mental health issues in the world at the minute, and it really is showing. If you let it consume you now, the life you’re going to be able to live when you’re older will be so much different.

Your perspective on life won’t be the same, yet there’s so much help out there that you can get. Don’t just assume that your stress or anxiety is normal, get some professional help!

bad habits to put a stop to

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