Preventing And Addressing Tooth Loss In Tunbridge Wells

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It is important that you visit your dentist in Tunbridge Wells on a regular basis to look after your teeth and gums and make sure that if you have any underlying dental issues that they are dealt with quickly and effectively to help prevent further complications in the future.

A good dental hygiene routine combined with regular visits to your dentist in Tunbridge Wells is very important for helping you maintain your teeth for life.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can result in tooth loss over the course of life. Tooth loss is mainly caused as a result of poor oral hygiene and avoiding checkups. Despite good brushing technique and flossing after meal times bacteria can still be around in those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and encourage the growth of plaque which over time leads to the formation of tartar.

Even if you have a good dental hygiene routine at home, tartar cannot be removed unless you visit your dentist. If tartar remains on your teeth over time it weakens the teeth resulting in cavities and tooth decay. If such issues are left then eventually they will result in tooth loss.

If you have been affected by tooth loss then you are not alone. Almost 75% of adults in the UK have lost a tooth either due to poor oral health, an accident or injury, or having had to undergo a tooth extraction.

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Thanks to advances in dental technology there is no need to continue with missing teeth, tooth replacement therapy is now highly successful but also comfortable, convenient, accessible for all, and affordable as there are many different payment options that are available for you.

Missing teeth can not only be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but they can have a significant detrimental impact on your remaining teeth. Tooth loss can weaken the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth leading to further tooth loss.

Tooth loss can also result in bone decay which causes further complications in the future. It can affect your ability to eat and chew properly, it may affect your speech, it can affect the appearance of your face, and have a negative impact on your overall well-being.

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Dental Implants for tooth loss

If you have been affected by tooth loss then speak to your dentist to find out about dental implants. Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement here in the UK and over the last couple of decades have seen a surge in popularity thanks to too research and development being carried out in the field of implant surgery.

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for replacing your missing teeth. They are strong, effective, reliable, and comfortable, making them a popular choice amongst patients and dentists alike. The process itself can take several months to complete however dental implants address your missing teeth for life so it is worth the wait.

Dental implant surgery is an invasive procedure however it is carried out under local anaesthetic to minimise any pain or discomfort. A titanium screw is inserted into the bone socket of your missing tooth and works as a replacement root for your choice of prosthesis.

You may wish to have a crown, a bridge, or a set of dentures and this will depend on your dental requirements and your personal preferences. Speak to your dentist today to find out more about dental implants and how they can help restore the appearance and health of your teeth and smile so that you can get on with your life happily and confidently very soon.

Preventing And Addressing Tooth Loss

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