Dental SEO For Successful Yet Cost-Effective Dental Marketing

concept of SEO marketing

There are many different techniques and strategies which you can put in place to create a good dental marketing system for your dental practice. This system can help attract quality patients who are already interested in the services that you have to offer, or who are experiencing dental issues and are looking for a good dentist in their area, but are not sure who to choose between you and your competitors.

Google my business and the map pack

For good dental SEO, you first need to create a Google my business page. This is a free tool provided by Google which allows you to enter all the contact information and important details about your dental practice into Google so that it can put you on the virtual map for dental practices in your area.

This includes your contact details, your location, your USPs, and the treatments and procedures that you specialise in. It also includes your Google rating which is very important for dental SEO.

The better your Google rating the higher you’ll be placed in the list of search results for the virtual map and in general, so it is important you ask your patients for a quick review whenever they visit your dental practice, as this will help you attract new patients and boost the success of your business.

Once you have completed your Google my business page you will be placed on the virtual map for your area and be listed with the other dental practices nearby.

google adwords

Google advertisements

When Google creates its search results list, the map pack is presented after the Google advertisements and helps create awareness of your dental practice and where you are located. It is a highly important tool for attracting patients to your dental practice.

Although Google advertisements are the most effective way of having potential patients directed to your website, it can be an expensive form of marketing and difficult to maintain over a long period of time, especially for new dental practices or smaller dental practices with limited marketing budgets.

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Organic search results

After the map pack are the organic search listings. This is the part of the list which you need to focus on to help attract most patients in a cost-effective manner on a long-term basis and with the help of a digital dental marketing team, you will be able to secure one of the top positions in this list.

There are many different techniques and strategies which help you remain at the top of the list and these need to be firmly in place throughout your website and your other marketing tools, to allow you to hold on to this position.

This is very important for the success of your dental practice because the majority of Google users only take into consideration the first two or three websites of the organic search lists and do not have the time to sift through the rest. Therefore by investing in strong digital marketing, rather than Google advertisements, you can help attract more patients on a more permanent basis without having to set aside large amounts of money for your marketing budget.

Dental SEO For Successful Yet Cost-Effective Dental Marketing

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