5 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Having A Smile Makeover

A smile is a beautiful thing. It makes us look more attractive and it makes people around us happy. But aside from that, smiling has a lot of health benefits too.

Smiling reduces stress, it improves your mood and boosts your immune system. It lowers blood pressure and makes us feel better. When you smile it even makes you more productive and you work better.

It’s easier for people to trust you if you smile at them because smiling makes people feel safe. And smiling helps you to stay positive. These are all reasons why it is important to smile often.

But although smiling has all these amazing benefits, not everybody feels confident enough to smile, especially when they are in the midst of people. Not because they don’t want to but because their teeth make them feel self-conscious.

Why you might need a smile makeover

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned and they make you self-conscious, you may wish to consider giving your smile a makeover. If you realise that you are always covering your face or your mouth whenever you want to smile or laugh in public, then you should consider a smile makeover.

A bad smile is enough to affect anyone’s self esteem and self confidence. And this can have an effect on you in all aspects of your life. Not just your social life, it can affect your professional life too.

No one would want to work with you if you never smile and you always have a straight face. When you smile, your customers will find it easier to relate with you and be more willing to work with you.

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So it is important to consider getting a smile makeover if you are not confident to show your teeth. However, before you jump in at the deep end, you must speak to a reputable orthodontist before deciding which treatment would be best for you.

There are some questions that you should ask your orthodontist that will help you to decide on the best course of treatment and help to correct your crooked smile.

Below are some of these questions as well as some questions that you need to ask if you are not familiar with the orthodontist.

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Questions to ask your dentist before getting a smile makeover

What are their specialities?

When you are looking for a trustworthy orthodontist Mosman and Lane Cove residents go to, you will need to ask the orthodontist about the various options you have available, and what their speciality is.

Some dentists prefer to use one type of treatment and may try to steer you towards that, so you may need to see more than one orthodontist making sure that you are aware of all your available options.

Some of the treatments include; braces to straighten your teeth, whitening of teeth, dental bonding, dental implants and others. So you have to know which of the treatments are available. This way you can make a well informed decision on the type of treatment to go for and the dentist to go to.

The pros & cons of each treatment

You will also need to discuss with your orthodontist the pros and cons of each of the available treatments, which can include overall cost, length of treatment, and overall finish.

If you are going to have to wear braces to straighten your teeth, there are options which are less visible and intrusive, but they may take longer to achieve the desired effect. Or you could choose a treatment which works quicker.

Your dentist will be able to go through all the available questions that you may have and offer their professional opinion as to which one will suit you best.

Do you accept my dental insurance?

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive, and if you are looking to have your treatment done on your dental insurance, you will first need to ensure that your chosen dentist accepts your insurance.

If they do not accept your insurance, it could be a costly procedure. You can also contact your insurance provider and ask them for a list of recommended dentists in your local area if you need to find an alternative to your usual dentist.

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What are the possible complications?

With any procedure, there are potential complications which could mean that you require further visits and treatments to achieve the results that you want for your teeth.

You will want to ask your dentist about any potential problems that you could face and whether these would mean grater expense and more time before you get that Hollywood smile.

Will Your Treatment Require Touch-Ups In The Future?

Another question to ask your dentist is if you are going to require touch-up treatment in the future to keep your teeth shining white. With some procedures such as teeth whitening, the effects will last for so long, and with the foods and drinks that you consume staining your teeth, they will become less bright over time.

These are some of the questions that you should ask your dentist before deciding to give your smile a makeover, and these will help you to choose the treatment that is best for you.


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