Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants

Dental implant is a titanium post that is positioned into the jawbone surgically. A dental implant is done underneath the gum line to frame a replacement teeth or a bridge in that area. They are an outstanding way to get healthy, natural and good teeth artificially without worrying much about the day to day activities.

Few points of logic to be kept in mind.

why you should get dental implants

# 1. Natural looking teeth:

The natural teeth we have securely attach our roots to our jawbone. In the similar way, a dental implant attaches the implanted teeth with the bone in our jaw. This is mainly because of the presence of titanium which readily infuses with the bone material, i.e. calcium.

After a dental implant the teeth fuse with the jawbone very finely for a considerable period of time. The implant helps you to live a confident life in which one can eat, speak, smile and kiss without any hesitations because they do not shift or move from their implanted area.

# 2. Prevention of bone loss:

Biologically speaking, tooth loss is inevitably followed by tooth loss. Bone is a tissue in our body which needs constant activation to be healthy and it is rebuilt after getting worn out. But in the case of a denture, there is a bit of uncertainty since it relies a lot on the natural teeth for support which loosen up with time. When it comes to dental implants, such uncertainty is absent since there is no role of fixture on the natural teeth.

# 3. Enduring tooth replacement:

After the dental implant, the implanted tooth becomes a part of the jawbone. They are hence a permanent solution to tooth loss. Tooth replacement methods like dentures and bridgework require replacement and remake over time but dental implants last for a lifetime. Hence it stands out to be the best tooth replacement method.

# 4. Facile to care for:

Implanted teeth and natural teeth are no different from each other. Like natural teeth, one needs to brush, gargle and floss the implanted teeth too. Unlike dentures,  one does not have to apply adhesives, soak overnight in some special fluid or do some other treatment.

There is no scope of having a tooth decay, a filling,  a cavity or root canal like that of in  bridgework or natural teeth. Dental implants never decay and hence no issue arises. But if not taken care of properly, there are chances of some gum diseases in a dental implant.


# 5. Safety to nearby teeth:

Dental implants stand as a one man army. They don’t need any support from the adjacent teeth and at the same time they don’t affect the nearby teeth however weak or strong the adjacent teeth is. With bridgework, for instance, there might be chances of some gap left which is a susceptible place for growing tooth decay. A dental implant leaves no stones unturned to avoid these kinds of mishaps.

dental implants

# 6. Prevents change in facial features:

Our teeth are one of the major features that play a significant role in changing the facial features. When we lose tooth it causes our facial structure to change. With dental implants one can assure the covering of tooth/teeth loss which prevents the change in the facial structure.

# 7. Restoration in bite force:

Dental implants are fitted in our jaw with a titanium post which replaces the original tooth root. One can bite or do anything with the same force if they were natural teeth. Other teeth replacement options will be uncertain since there may be chances that the teeth gets slipped or gums gets affected.

Hence, coming to the conclusion, Dental Implants are the most outstanding ways of tooth replacement. They are not only reliable but are widespread and people of all ages can opt for it.


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  1. September 21, 2021 / 1:44 am

    I never knew that a dental implant treatment helps restore a person’s ability to smile and chew without issues. I like how you also pointed out that this could last you for a lifetime of teeth-free worries. I’ll keep this information and consult a dentist when my teeth go bad.

  2. October 29, 2021 / 7:27 am

    I really like how you stated that implants and natural teeth are no different from each other. This really gives me some confidence that my missing tooth issues will finally be solved after so long without me having to perform any extra maintenance. Once I find a dental implant expert in the area, I’ll cooperate with them immediately.

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