Dental Implants – Your Best Choice For Replacing Missing Teeth

dental implants

Dental implants are types of fixtures adhered to the jaw in order to keep a dental prosthesis in its place. The dental implant is fixed at first, which is followed by the fixation of the prosthetic to it.

The implant takes some time to get connected and accepted the bone of the jaw, a process known as osseointegration. After giving sufficient time for the bone to heal due to fixing the dental implant, the prosthetic like an artificial tooth or bridge or a denture adheres to the implant.

best choice for replacing missing teeth

Consequences of fixing Dental Implants

The result of fixing dental implants is decided to a great extent by the medical condition of the person receiving the implant.

Certain medications are seen to affect the osseointegration process adversely which can interfere with the healing of the tissues of the mouth and the gums.

The number of implants that are fixed to the jaw also controls the success of the implants.

The position where the implant is fixed also plays a pivotal role in deciding whether the prosthetics will be fruitful or not.

One of the prime requirements for the success of the implants and prosthetic is the condition of the bones and gingival. A healthy bone of the jaw can make things quite easier and simpler.

It is important to preplan the position and angle of the dental implant, as the pressure given during chewing can alter things quite easily.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Medical Sciences are:

The most important use of dental implants is to keep the dental prosthetics in its position.

Dental implants allow osseointegration and the materials present in the implant such as titanium and ceramics blends completely with the bones of the jaw and the dental prosthetics can remain unchanged for years.

Dental implants – fixed and removable. The fixed implants are usually permanent and are not removed unless they show any malfunction. The removable implants are generally made for people who want to wear the dental prosthetics only during eating, chewing, or when they feel like putting it. For the remaining part of the day like when they are sleeping, they can easily remove the denture by pressing the implant with their finger. This has been highly beneficial, especially for old and aged people.


Dental implants are also used to adhere to the facial prosthetics that correct deformities of the face, especially the facial bones followed by surgery or treatment related to cancer.

Dental implants are of great help in performing orthodontic treatment, as they can help in the movement of the specific teeth to the desired position and causes the bones to remodel. Implants act as good anchor points for exerting force on the teeth in the required position.

Dental implants used in Orthodontics are usually the removable ones, as they are mostly removed after the teeth have been moved to their desired position.


Conditions that decide the Working of Dental Implants are following

People with bad oral health, smokers, and diabetic people are less likely to have a successful implant, as their poor gum health can interfere with the implant resulting in a condition known as peri-implantitis.

Those who suffer from osteoporosis or are undertaking steroids or other medications containing steroids for a long time are less likely to have a successful implant.

Patients undertaking chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also more prone to have a damaged dental implant. Radiations can react with the material of the implant resulting in their failure or decay.

So, make thorough research before opting for the right dental implants for your dental needs. 


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  1. September 28, 2020 / 11:54 pm

    Wow, I never knew that dental implants could also improve the structure and the position of the other natural teeth that remained. Come to think of it, my brother has been complaining about some constant toothaches ever since he had a couple of his front teeth removed. Maybe this is because the leftover teeth are moving out of place, so this could be a great reason for him to look for any dentists that can give him implants.

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