5 Professionals To Have On Your Speed Dial

Life is a road trip – every day is a new adventure and at times you’ll face new and unexpected challenges.

What if your car breaks down or the power suddenly shuts off at home? Your kitchen sink springs a leak or your heating system malfunctions during a cold winter night?

In such situations, it becomes a race against the clock to find the right person to resolve the issue effectively and get the job done. However, the right person may not always be available which is why having a list of handymen on speed dial is crucial. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 professionals you need to tackle such unforeseen issues as swiftly as possible!

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1) An Auto Mechanic

Having your car break down is frustrating whether you saw it coming or not. As such, it’s good to be ready for any sudden road bumps by keeping an auto mechanic on speed dial. 

Whether you are in Northampton or Leicester, it is best to have a go-to car repair garage preferably in your locale, so you have expert consultation available at your fingertips.

Yet, if you can’t find one, a quick online search for ‘auto repair’ or ‘car servicing Northampton’ can help locate the nearest repair garage. You simply call them up, explain your situation and help should arrive quickly. 

However, emergencies don’t have a schedule. As a result, they may not always happen during business hours. This is when having an auto mechanic on speed dial is extremely helpful.

Not only can you easily contact a mechanic, but it may also bring you peace of mind. Furthermore, this also helps reduce downtime and prevent your car from suffering further damage. 

2) An Electrician

Electricity is a part of every household and workplace. 

As a result, you’re highly likely to encounter electrical issues like a blown fuse or a tripped wire. This is when having an electrician on speed dial could be of great assistance. 

Not only do they reduce the possibility of major electrical accidents, but also assist with a range of different services. For example, electrical installations and wiring, panel upgrades, repairs and maintenance and more. From a professional standpoint, they also prevent excessive periods of downtime.

Electrical complications often occur when you least expect them. As a result, having someone who can assist you in this critical time is important.

3) A Plumber

With plumbing issues, we feel that we can fix it ourselves and end up not seeking professional help. Yet, when these small issues escalate, only an expert can save the day.

Plumbers are extremely helpful in fixing plumbing disasters as well as offering maintenance services. To avoid water damage and costly repairs in the future, it’s good to get your home plumbing system checked regularly.

Most plumbing issues tend to start small and after being ignored, lead to a bigger problem. When a regular drip or leak becomes a puddle, it’s time to call the experts.

If worrying plumbing issues occur in the bathroom or the kitchen, having your plumber on speed dial is going to pay off.

4) A Landscaper

Do you feel that your garden is looking neglected or maybe your hedges need a trim? In these scenarios, a landscaper or professional landscaping services are exactly what you need.

Landscaping may not require immediate attention like the aforementioned time-sensitive emergencies. Nevertheless, it deserves to be prioritised for the aesthetic value it adds to your home’s exterior. 

For example, in East London, the culture of garden landscaping is thriving. The local horticulture beautifully captures tradition alongside contemporary design. For outstanding garden landscaping in East London residents need only look out their window to gaze upon well-kept gardens and expertly trimmed hedges.

While not an emergency per se, it is quite vital to maintain the upkeep of your garden. Having a landscaping professional in your list of contacts helps maintain a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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5) A Locksmith 

One of the most common mistakes we tend to make involves our keys. Whether it be losing them or leaving them inside the car, having an emergency locksmith on speed dial is always going to be handy. 

An emergency locksmith will arrive quickly in moments of crisis. As they work ‘out of hours’, they can be there for you when other locksmiths may be unavailable.

Additionally, what if a break-in were to occur? In these unfortunate moments, locksmiths can replace broken locks or assist you with changing locks to make you feel secure once again. 

You never know when, but keeping a locksmith’s number on speed dial can be a total lifesaver.

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To Sum Up

It’s impossible to think of a world without effective communication and thanks to our smartphones, we don’t have to. Not only are they great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but they’re also helpful in emergencies. 

Yet, few of us have contacts of professionals we need to call in cases of emergency. Now that you’re aware of these issues, you need to be prepared. 

By keeping the above five professionals on speed dial, you can act swiftly to tackle and resolve any challenge that comes your way effectively.


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