10 Fun Christmas Traditions You Can Start This Year

Having a Christmas tradition will get you and your family in the Christmas mood when christmas is coming up. This is because, everyone will be looking forward to all the things you do during Christmas and this will bring your family even closer together.

Christmas traditions build a strong bond in the family. It gives everybody something to look forward to. And each person will have their favourite tradition.

Christmas traditions make christmas very memorable for you and your family, especially the little ones. So why don’t you try these fun christmas traditions which will cost you little or no money at all but bring lots of joy and laughter to your home.

Here are 10 fun christmas traditions to start now.

10 fun christmas traditions to start now

1. Create a Christmas playlist

There is something about music that lifts your spirit and lightens your mood. Once you start playing Christmas carols and music, you will begin to feel that Christmas is in the air. That will get you in the Christmas mood for you to begin any other thing related to Christmas.

From the beginning of December, my husband has been playing christmas songs and that was what reminded me we are in the christmas season and got me excited about christmas.

And he does this every year, immediately we get to the month of December, he starts playing Christmas songs and that has always being a reminder for me that we are in the festive season. It makes the home fun and lively as everyone sings along to the Christmas songs.

Put up a christmas tree
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2. Put up a christmas tree

Setting up a Christmas tree can be a heartwarming family tradition that brings everyone closer. Rather than taking on the task single-handedly, encourage everyone in the household to participate. Assigning each family member a specific task, like unpacking ornaments or stringing the lights, not only lightens the workload but also fosters teamwork and togetherness. The shared experience allows for an opportunity to bond, communicate, and create lasting memories.

Once the Christmas tree stands tall and proudly sparkles in the living room, it becomes a beacon of joy. The mere presence of this adorned marvel fills our hearts with excitement and acts as a whimsical reminder of the cheerful season. Why not take advantage of the vibrant and festive ambiance by engaging in various activities with your loved ones beneath its branches?

Sing carols, read the Bible, or indulge in delightful stories ensures that the Christmas tree becomes the epicenter of lively activity, filling our homes with the true magic of the season.

3. Christmas Lights Tour

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to embrace the spirit of Christmas and indulge in the magic that surrounds us. One delightful activity that perfectly encapsulates the essence of this time of year is going on a neighborhood tour to admire the enchanting displays of Christmas lights. So, grab some warm drinks and snacks, hop in the car, and let the sparkling lights of the season put you all in a festive mood!

There’s something incredibly captivating about driving through various neighborhoods and witnessing the creativity and effort put into decorating homes with dazzling lights. The sight of houses adorned in twinkling lights, glowing reindeer on lawns, and handcrafted decorations evokes a sense of wonder and joy that can transport you back to your childhood.

It’s a simple yet delightful way to spend an evening with loved ones, starting a tradition that can bring you closer together and make lasting memories. Whether you choose to explore your own neighborhood or venture out to neighboring towns known for their spectacles, the sight of glorious lights illuminating the dark winter nights can be truly awe-inspiring.

To make the most of your neighborhood tour, it’s essential to plan ahead. Gather your friends and family, prepare a thermos of hot chocolate or apple cider, and pack some cozy blankets and snacks. After all, what would a Christmas lights adventure be without warming your hands on a steaming mug of deliciousness and savoring some tasty treats?

Make kids write a letter to Santa
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4. Make kids write a letter to Santa

The act of writing a letter to Santa sparks a whirlwind of imagination for children. It encourages them to dive deep into their desires, unleashing their creative power while discovering their innermost wishes. This joyful exercise provides an opportunity for them to dream big and articulate what truly resonates with them during this magical time of year.

Sit down with your children, supply them with some festive stationery, and ask them to pen down a letter to Santa. Emphasize that Santa is eager to hear about their interests, hobbies, and any specific gifts they’ve been longing for. Encourage them to be as detailed as possible, making this wish-list their own personal work of art.

Once the letters are completed, it’s time to create the ultimate surprise, replying from Santa himself! This magical moment is guaranteed to fill your little ones with awe and excitement.

 Read the Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ

5. Read the Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ

The Bible, specifically the book of Luke, provides an in-depth account of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. By taking the time to read and reflect upon the scriptures, we can gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact this event had on the world.

With 24 chapters in the book of Luke, we have the perfect opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey during the advent season. Starting from the 1st of December, gather your family around the Christmas tree every evening and read one chapter of Luke together. This gradual approach allows you to savor each section, contemplate its meaning, and engage in meaningful discussions as a family.

By dedicating this time each night to read and reflect upon the scriptures, you will uncover the true origins of Christmas. As you progress through the chapters, the anticipation of uncovering the deeper messages and teachings will heighten your connection with the story and progressively prepare your hearts for the momentous day of celebration – 25th December.

Watch Christmas movies on Friday nights

6. Watch Christmas movies on Friday nights

Starting from the first week of December, why not make it a tradition to have a family movie night every Friday until Christmas day? With numerous heartwarming and entertaining films to choose from, your family is guaranteed to have an unforgettable time.

One of the must-watch movies on your list should definitely be “Home Alone.” This iconic film brings laughter and joy to households around the world. Following the misadventures of Kevin McCallister, a young boy mistakenly left behind by his family during Christmas vacation, “Home Alone” is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of a resourceful kid who must protect his home from two dim-witted burglars. This movie is perfect for all ages, and it will undoubtedly keep everyone entertained throughout the evening.

Another great film to enjoy during this festive season is “A Christmas Story.” Set in the 1940s, this classic Christmas comedy focuses on young Ralphie Parker and his dream of owning a Red Ryder BB gun. From hilarious encounters with Santa Claus to enduring an embarrassing pink bunny suit, “A Christmas Story” is a true holiday gem that will make the whole family laugh together.

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But the movie choices don’t stop there! There is an abundance of Christmas-themed films that will bring warmth and cheer to your family movie nights. Classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” and “White Christmas” are timeless favorites that capture the true spirit of Christmas.

If you’re looking for some animated delights, you can’t go wrong with the heartwarming story of “The Polar Express” or the lovable characters in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” These movies bring alive the magic of Christmas and remind us of the importance of love, kindness, and togetherness during this special time of the year.

Go for a Christmas concert or show

7. Go for a Christmas concert or show

With holiday cheer filling the air, there’s a special magic that emanates during this season. One delightful way to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit is by attending concerts and shows that are in abundance this time of the year.

Whether you’re seeking a merry performance or a soul-stirring symphony, the options are endless. So, grab your loved ones, rally your friends, and embark on a journey to create some extraordinary memories together. After all, what could be better than celebrating the joy of the season surrounded by those you cherish the most?

Whether you choose to hone in on just one performance or embark on a magical journey attending several, the shared experiences are sure to foster lasting memories.

Have a Christmas themed photo shoot

8. Have a Christmas themed photo shoot

Photos are a great way to keep these memories you are making together. So have a photo shoot and take silly Christmas photos with your family, friends and loved ones.

You can use these photos for a family Christmas card, all simply keep them in a photo album. It’s a great way to remind us of people and the fun we had together with them.

Make a charity donation

9. Make a charity donation

This is a tradition I’ve been doing with my mum for years and I plan to continue with my kids. Every year during the festive season, Nhyira Fm accepts charity donations which they give to kids in orphanage homes.

I gather my clothes which I wouldn’t wear anymore (this shouldn’t be worn out, it should be in good conditions), we add some biscuits, drinks and money and take it to Nhyira Fm.

Doing things like these with your kids will teach them to be kind and always give. Kids can add their old toys which they don’t play with anymore. Just a little donation will make a less privileged kid smile this christmas.

Make a special dinner for christmas

10. Make a special dinner for christmas

On Christmas day, you can make a special dinner for you and your family. Making that special dinner every Christmas will make your family look forward to Christmas day with excitement.

You can all cook together in the kitchen and when the food is done, sit together as a family to enjoy a meal together at the table. You can each talk about something you are grateful for for the year and also, what you hope to accomplish in the coming year.

So these are fun inexpensive Christmas traditions you can start now if you are already not doing them.

What christmas traditions do you enjoy with your family?


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