30+ Best Kids Desk Ideas

I never considered getting a desk for my little girl until she started bringing homework from school. Usually when she wanted to do some colouring or writing she just sat anywhere she would be comfortable or even lie on the floor and it never bothered me.

Not until she started bringing homework. Because with homework, I had to make sure she was concentrating and doing the right thing. And that was almost impossible without a desk. So she used my desk and that was too high and uncomfortable for her.

Moreover, my desk is in the living room and it is hard for her to concentrate on her homework when she uses my desk. So I realised it was time to get her her own little desk at her own little corner. And that is how I scouted the internet looking for best desks ideas for kids.

Scroll down for different kids desk ideas. You will definitely find one your kid will love.

Importance of getting your child a desk

1. It keeps the child focused

One thing I’ve noticed about kids is that, they have a very short attention span. The least thing distracts them. Getting them their own personal desk helps to reduce the distractions.

If your child is using your desk, chances are you have things on the desk that may distract the child. And if your desk is in the living room like mine, then there are so many other distractions.

So getting your child their own personal desk prevents these distractions and keeps the child focused. Also, they will learn to understand that once they come to the desk, they have to concentrate on whatever they are doing. Whether it is homework or drawing or colouring.

kids desk area
kids desk area
kids desk area

2. It keeps them organized

Once they have their own desk, you can teach them how to organize their things and make sure they are actually doing it. The desk is theirs alone, so when you come and it is cluttered and disorganized, you know who to call.

3. Storage space

Kids desk can also serve as an extra storage space for them. They can store their pencils and crayons and books in the desk.

4. Provides comfort

Your child will be much comfortable with their own desk than having to use your desk or the dining table or even sitting on the floor to do their homework.

With their own desk, they can sit down comfortably and do their homework without needing to lean forward with their feet hanging. This even makes doing homework more fun for them because they are comfortable.

kids desk area
kids desk area

How to choose the right kids desk

Choosing the best kids desk can be very difficult. There are so many factors to consider when looking for the perfect desk and we will discuss them below.

One thing you have to note is that, you should get the child involved. When buying anything for your child, it is important to get an idea of what they will like, then after that you can factor in some important pointers to choose the right thing for them.

1. The size of the desk

One important thing to consider when selecting kids desk is the size of the desk. You have to make sure that both the desk and the chair fit the child.

That way, the child can sit down comfortably and work on the desk without having to lean or slouch or be in any position that can make them uncomfortable or affect their posture.

You also have to take into consideration if the size of the desk will fit the place where you are going to put it.

kids desk with storage

2. The surface space

You also have to make sure that the kids desk has a large surface space for the child. So that she can have her book and other things she will need at hand on it. This will make doing her homework easy for her if she doesn’t have to get up every second to look for something she needs.

So get her a desk with enough surface space so everything she will need for any project can be readily available on the desk.

kids desk with storage
kids desk with storage
kids desk with storage

3. Consider the use

Also take into consideration what you want the desk to do. Do you just want a place she can sit and do homework or the desk is going to serve more purpose than just homework?

Is she going to use the desk for art too? Do you need a desk with storage to be able to store her supplies or not? You have to take all these into account when choosing the desk.

Things like the colour of the desk is not an important factor if you are trying to find the right desk for your child. Whatever colour they prefer, you can always paint the desk to suit their taste.

So focus on the important things and once you have the desk, you can paint it in their favourite colour or to fit the aesthetic of the room.

kids desk
kids desk

Designing the desk area

The size

As stated earlier, you have to make sure the desk is a good fit for the space you have for it. If you get a desk that is too big and doesn’t fit the space it will be useless or you will end up having to keep it at a place that wouldn’t be convenient for the child.

So if you don’t have enough space, then get children’s desk for small spaces. If you are going to help them with their homework, then also make sure there’s enough space for one adult size chair for you, so you can sit beside her and help with her homework.

kids desk

The lighting

Also take into consideration the lighting when positioning the desk. The desk has to be placed in a position that gets enough sunlight during the day time.

At night you have to make sure there is enough bright light in the room. If the lighting in the room is not bright enough for reading, you can get her a desk lamp to make it easier to read and write at night.


Also make sure that the desk is at a place that gives them enough privacy. Children get distracted easily, so once the desk is at a place where they have their privacy, they can concentrate better and get their projects done.

So it is best if you can make space in their bedroom for a desk, that way they can have their privacy in their room whiles doing their homework.

Getting your child a desk can be one way to get involved in their studies and encourage them in their interests.

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  1. BeeBee
    March 4, 2020 / 2:36 pm

    Thank you for these tips. My nephew will be 5years in a few weeks and I just got an idea for what to get him on his birthday because of this post. He’d love a PJ mask inspired desk

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