50+ Clever Pantry Organization Ideas

pantry organization

One principle which I always try to live by is having a well organized space. And this includes everywhere especially the kitchen and the pantry. This is where I keep my groceries and other ingredients, so I always want to make sure the place looks neat and tidy.

So the pantry is one of the few areas in the house that I dedicate a lot of time to keep organized and neat.

One major reason why it is important to have an organized pantry is that it prevents waste. When your pantry is disorganized, it can be very difficult to find something when you need it and you end up buying groceries you already have.

With an organized pantry, you can see what you have, what you are running low on and what is finished. Also, it will be easier to find something when you need to use it.

How to organize your pantry

All you need are some storage containers and baskets and your pantry will look neat and organized. Having spacious pantry can make it easy when organizing it. But not to worry if you lack such a space. You can still make good use of a small pantry if you organize it well.

The first step to an organized pantry is to get rid of clutter. So take out everything you have and then sort them out. Keep the ingredients that are still good and throw out expired ones and the stuff that have gone bad.

After that tidy up the pantry. Sweep the floor, clean the shelves and mop the floors. Make sure the pantry looks as good as new. Once you are done organizing your pantry, try and make it a habit.

You can make cleaning the pantry a weekly thing and organizing and throwing out expired goods once every month or every two months. When you do it often, there wont be a lot of work to do as the first time. Now, here are some easy tips to make organizing your pantry easy for you.

Easy tips for pantry organization

1. Resist Over Stock

Whiles it might sound like a good idea to purchase things in bulk, that way you don’t run out unexpectedly, over stock cause clutter. Yes, purchasing in bulk saves cost sometimes but it also causes clutter. And unless you have a big pantry, you won’t have a place to store everything.

So before you go grocery shopping, make a list of everything you will need. Then purchase enough to last for a month or two. This way, you will have enough storage space for everything. Also, purchasing just enough for a month means you will always have fresh ingredients and groceries.

Buy items you would normally use. Things you are sure you are definitely going to actually use in the month. You can buy more of the stuff you use daily and a few of the stuff you don’t usually use.

2. Organize Products By Types

It can be difficult to find products you need if you put anything just anywhere. So organize products by types. Group cereals at one side, have all your spices at one place.

By doing this, it will be easy to find whatever you are looking for. Because if you want cereal, you know where to look and if you want a spice or oil, you know exactly which shelf to go to.

Also, when products are grouped, it makes it easier to take stock, know exactly what you have, what you are running low on and what is finished. This way you won’t end up buying products you already have a lot of.

3. Use shelf organizer

You can create more space in your pantry by using shelf organizers. Using open shelves within the pantry create attractive display of the items within your pantry. So once you have open shelves, you can fit in any shelf organizer depending on the size of the shelf to give you a lot more storage space.

4. Use Clear Storage Containers

This tip is about how to store your ingredients. One way to make your pantry well organized is how to store the items you purchased. Use different containers to ensure that every single item within the pantry has a space to be stored.

Store cereals in plastic containers and store nuts and dried fruits in glass jars. This will create a fantastic display in your pantry. Making your pantry more attractive.

5. Use Baskets

Basket is another innovative component you can add when organizing your pantry. This can help you separate foods into groups. You can store can products, sachet products and bottle products in the basket. You can also store fresh groceries like vegetables in the basket.

Using baskets also helps to hide ugly packaging and makes everything look uniform and organized.

6. Label them

It is also very important to label your storage containers. This makes it easy to identify each ingredient. Especially when it comes to products that look similar, like the salt and sugar and the different types of flour you might have.

Labelling your spices also makes it easy to know exactly which spice you are using for the food. It also makes it easy to know what goes into which container. So make sure to label every storage container.

You can design the labels yourself and print them out or you can just buy these pre-printed pantry label stickers to use. You can also simply get a chalk marker and a blackboard sticker to use for the labelling.

7. Install wallpaper

Although your pantry won’t receive any sort of visitors, it is still important to make it very attractive. Add a touch of beauty to the atmosphere of your pantry by using wallpapers on the walls of your pantry.

You can use the wallpapers at just one side of the pantry to create a focal point and make it stand out.

8. Hang mitts

You don’t want to leave your napkins, oven mitts and towels lying any how in your pantry. That is why you need to take these into account when organizing your pantry.

Add hooks to the side of your pantry doors to hang your oven mitts, napkins and towels. This will even make it easy for you to access them. Aside this, it also help create an extra space instead of keeping them in drawers or shelves.

9. Assess your pantry

Make assessing your pantry part of your weekly schedule. This will help you to identify what you dont have and what you have. Because it can be really frustrating to be in the process of cooking a meal only to realise you don’t have salt.

So once a week, evaluate your pantry and take stock of what you need more off. That way you don;t end up buying more of what you already have and none of what you don’t have.

10. Use Of Chalkboard

Put up a chalkboard in your pantry to make it easy to list the groceries you need to buy. Since you can’t go to the grocery shop everyday, writing down the things you are using up will make it easier to remember everything you need for the home when you finally go grocery shopping.


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