5 Everyday Unhealthy Habits That Are Harming Your Health

Keeping your health up to date every day is difficult but important to have an overall healthy life. Everyone wants to live longer or at least a good life without developing any health problems and to achieve that, taking care of your health is highly crucial.

There are certain habits you can develop or certain things you can do to improve your health. However, many people are unable to start doing certain things as they don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, there are many places where you can gain new knowledge today. You could try the traditional method and look up things online.

However, you can try to get in touch with online or local groups that gather to talk about their health. You can meet new people and get a first-hand experience of how someone created a healthy lifestyle or even an expert who has a lot of knowledge about the topic.

There are also groups or events about subjects other than health for people who are movie fanatics, bookworms, or even gambling fans. For instance, there is an annual secret Blackjack ball that occurs where gambling fanatics gather. People compete inside secret blackjack ball but also network and share tips with each other.

Similarly, you can also find groups or communities and start somewhere by educating yourself. You should learn the small things which can help you make your life healthier and more fulfilling. Those changes will surely help you eventually.

However, if you don’t notice any major significant changes after adopting healthy activities, you might have some unhealthy daily habits you need to get rid of.

While trying to make your lives healthier, you may adopt some healthy habits but fail to notice the unhealthy habits you keep doing every day that hinder your lifestyle. Here are some everyday healthy habits that might be harming your health.

1) Sleeping for too long

Everyone knows the harmful effects of poor sleep but getting more sleep than your body needs is equally harmful for your health. 7-9 hours of sleep is enough for all adults and if you’re sleeping more than that, you might be harming your overall health.

Oversleeping causes several side effects and health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, and more. However, there are other reasons for oversleeping as some people might also have certain sleep disorders or conditions such as hypersomnia or depression. In those cases, it’s best to visit the doctor so you can get the treatment you need.

2) Making continuous use of a smartphone

Today, using a smartphone has become more of a necessity than a luxury so it’s hard to completely stop using smartphones. However, the usage can be limited to a minimum as overuse of phones gives you various health issues.

One negative aspect of smartphones is that using it before going to bed can disrupt and harm your sleep cycle. Additionally, excessive use of smartphones can harm your brain and alter your brain chemistry.

3) Sitting for extended periods of time

Being seated for a long time can seriously harm your health. Sitting for more than 6 hours daily can give your health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease so it’s best to avoid sitting in one place for too long.

However, sometimes people have no choice as they may have jobs that require them to be sitting down all day. If you also have a similar job, you can do certain things to minimize the health effects such as working out or exercising and taking breaks every now and then.

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4) Surfing on social media

Scrolling on your social media feed for a minute or two may seem harmless, but a few minutes can easily turn into a few hours which can create some problems for you. Social media has some benefits and helps you connect with people you haven’t met in years.

However, social media has some bad sides as facing the screen can make you feel isolated and rob you from face-to-face interaction with your friends and family. Furthermore, mindlessly surfing on social media and liking other people’s posts can cause you to develop mental health problems.

5) Having negative thoughts

Everyone has a stressful life and many problems to solve. This often leads to having negative or unpleasant thoughts and even overthinking. This might be a habit that’s hard to change as you can’t always control your thoughts.

However, it’s crucial that you stop doing this as negativity can interfere with your mind and result in poor mental health. Try doing meditation or things that give you relaxation to help ease your mind and thoughts.


There are many things you do every day that you don’t know can be deemed harmful to your health. Recognize those unhealthy habits and try to change them. This way you will have a healthier lifestyle and feel better about yourself.

Hopefully, this list has helped narrow down some habits you can change to improve your lifestyle. They might seem small but make an enormous difference eventually and will give you a wholesome life.


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