The Best Ways To Wind Down After Work

how to wind down after work

In order to live the life we want, we need to work and work hard. The things you get out of life are often a result of the effort you put into it. So a wonderful lifestyle cannot really be achieved by slacking off and turning up to work with a half-hearted approach. You know this, though. We all know this. You could sit around all day wasting time, it’s a free world. But you won’t get anywhere near the goals you’ve set for yourself.

At times work goes swimmingly. Even though you’re completely swamped and you have to be switched on throughout the entire time, you’re able to glide through everything almost effortlessly.

There are other times, however, that really take it out of you. Whether it’s the physical strain of the working day or whether you can’t quite crack a particular problem, you come out of work completely drained.

When things like this come about, we need to be able to rest and be rehabilitated properly. The work doesn’t stop just because we want a little break; we need to be ready for the next stage.

How to wind down after work

How do we unwind from a hectic and stressful few days of work, though? Well, we all have different preferences and ways of doing things, but here are a few ideas.   

Organize Your Relaxation Time

It might seem a little strange as this is about getting away from the seriousness of your schedule, but perhaps the first thing you should do is plan out when you’re going to have that chill-out session.

When you have things going around your mind all the time, even getting this resting time in could prove to be quite niggly. You want to be able to sit and chill with little worries, so maybe taking some time out to organize it wouldn’t harm you. It would give you that peace of mind you so desperately need.  


It’s a bit of a clichéd option, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be ultra-satisfying. If you have the luxury of a bathtub in your home, then filling it up with some hot water and hopping in wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Some people don’t like the idea of lying in your own mess, but when you need to kick back, there aren’t many better ways. You could really get into it, too.

Buying some bath bombs to make the experience better and some spa quality robes to lounge around in afterwards would boost an already stellar evening.


It might sound a little counterintuitive because exercise usually stresses your muscles out, but getting your heart rate up with a workout could be a wonderful idea.

It doesn’t have to be an excruciatingly intense workout (it can be if you’d like), but enough to get those endorphins flying! Some yoga, little weights, or even a walk would be nice. Afterwards, due to tiredness, you’ll be able to chill out and probably sleep like a baby when the time comes.


A popular thing people like to do to wind down is read. There’s nothing quite like sitting down and getting lost in a compelling story. Your mind has the power to send you into worlds that only you can fathom individually, so making the most of your imagination this way could help you zone out.

Obviously, you’re sat completely still so your body won’t be under any pressure physically – so that’s neat, huh? Lots like to combine reading with bathing in a tub for maximum relaxation!   

Listen To Something

A good way to see out an evening in pure bliss is to put some headphones on and pretend you’re somewhere else. There are hundreds of playlists online that have soft and velvety tunes that will make your ears delicate. You could also listen to a podcast or a YouTube video with softly spoken voices.

A new fad that has become popular in recent years is a thing called ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). You basically listen to somebody talk or make noises and certain sounds trigger a satisfying response throughout your body. Perhaps you could give that a try and see if it’ll do wonders for you like it has done for millions across the planet. 


We’ll end with another fairly clichéd option: meditation. It’s not for everyone, but that’s to a few smartphone apps, it’s rising in popularity once more. Learning how to control your thoughts and your breathing could be the catalyst for a more chill-out you.

how to unwind after work

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  1. September 24, 2019 / 12:55 am

    This will definitely be a great stress reliever. Meditate after a long work day.

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