Everyone has to work for money. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all know exactly what path we want to pursue. Sure, there are people out there who will know exactly what they want to do for a living from a very young age. They will have an almost innate interest in a particular area and will thrive in the environment that it provides.

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However, most of us will simply head to compulsory education. Pick up the basics in a wide variety of subject areas. And then struggle when we hit the age of seventeen or eighteen when we approach the end of compulsory school and have to start deciding what direction we want our lives to take.

Many areas of work will require specialist education or training. So it’s extremely important that we choose the right area to begin with. In order to minimise wasted time studying or training in irrelevant fields that we are likely to leave a few months down the line.

If you do find that you’ve followed the wrong choice and are not enjoying what you are doing at the moment, don’t worry! There’s always time and opportunity for change. It may be frustrating having to start from the bottom up again. But it’s definitely better than being trapped in a dead end job or a role that doesn’t suit you!

So, how can you decide what path you want to follow?

Well, there are all sorts of factors that can impact our decision making process when it comes to pursuing a career. For many, money will be a huge determining factor. We will want to land a job that brings home a big pay packet and will allow us to maintain a comfortable quality of life. For some of us, authority and power will come into play. We want a position that will bring us respect and acknowledgement from our peers.

choose a career that improves the wellbeing of others

But why not consider another factor?

The factor of helping others. There are plenty of jobs out there that can tick the above two boxes at the same time as improving others’ experience of the world and sense of wellbeing. Here are just a few different roles that you might want to pursue that could really make the world a better place for those you engage with on a professional level!


 A role with huge potential to improve others’ physical and mental wellbeing is a role in healthcare. Now, many people feel intimidated by this field. As to become a qualified doctor or nurse, you have to complete years of education. But this is all for good reason! In order to have a major positive impact on others lives, you need a whole lot of education and training. And it should all be worth it in the end.

After all, you could quite literally save multiple lives. Whether you become a surgeon, a general practitioner, a nurse, a radiologist, a midwife, a gynaecologist, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Every role in the medical field has profound importance when it comes to others’ comfort, happiness, and ability to live their lives to the full.


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Now, it is extremely important to remember that the way that we look should bear no impact on the way that people treat us or the way that we are perceived by others. But there are, of course, plenty of people out there who want to alter their appearance in order to feel better in themselves.

Beauty products, regimes, and treatments can help to boost people’s confidence, make them feel more comfortable in their own skin. And can consequently have a profoundly positive impact on their happiness. So, why not consider a career that helps people to achieve this?

There are various areas of beauty that you can specialise in. You could consider pursuing a role within plastic surgery or invasive procedures that can make major differences to people’s appearance.

Generally speaking, you will have to either complete a medical degree or specialist courses such as Botox Training in order to become qualified in this area and acquire the relevant knowledge to carry out procedures safely. But your investment in the course will be quickly earned back.

You could carry out specialist non-invasive work such as eyebrow threading or applying fake eyelashes. You could become a hair stylist or hair colourist. You could become a nail technician. You could become a makeup artist. There are all sorts of different roles out there!



Unfortunately, people around the world experience misfortune and struggle to varying degrees almost every day. You could take on a role that offers them support through hard times. You could become a social worker, a counsellor, or work as a support line worker.

Sure, this is a relatively difficult role. It will be difficult to encounter and hear of others’ hardships on a day to day basis. But sometimes, all people need is someone to talk to and you could provide them with a shoulder to lean on. You could also provide good quality advice and ensure that action is taken if someone poses a danger to themselves or anyone else. Giving them a chance to recover and recuperate.

These are just three different fields that you might want to consider getting involved with. The different roles mentioned will vary in different ways. They will require different educational qualifications, different types and levels of training, and you will have to complete different tasks on a day to day basis.

But what’s important is that each will impact the world in a positive way and you can really put a smile on at least one person’s face by the end of each day.

So, do a little more research into anything that has caught your eye and pursue it if it sounds right for you!


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