4 Surprisingly Heart-Warming Reasons Why People Get Inked


Nowadays, tattoos have become widely accepted and are more popular, and now more than ever, people are interested in getting them. But have you ever thought about the reasons why people get inked?

It is a personal decision most of the time, and there is a very personal reason behind that decision. You, too, must have come across several people who have at least once considered getting inked, and soon they get a tattoo with a riveting story behind it. And listening to their stories, you’d find that they have a unique way of expressing themselves.

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you must have noticed that every person that you come across has got themselves inked on several occasions and multiple body parts. It’s because the tattoo artists in Las Vegas are uniquely talented and can create tattoo images that are rich in art and culture.

However, all of us are individuals with different sets of feelings and motivations. We all want to find our voice and express ourselves uniquely that expresses our deep beliefs. Tattoos give voice to those beliefs and a more expressive way of saying things and sharing our experiences.

Below, you’ll learn some of the most surprising reasons why people get inked and do it to help them express their feelings and emotions.


4 reasons why people get inked

1.  In remembrance

The reason why this category is at the top of the list is that almost every person you’d ever ask why they got themselves inked will answer with these words – in remembrance of loved ones.

These types of tattoos are in honor of a loved one whom you’d never want to forget, be it a friend, a family member, or someone who has passed on. These tattoos could be in the shape of symbols or a set of certain words that remind you of that one particular person.

People even love to get inked with the face of their beloved, which they can not stop thinking about. But often, these tattoos signify the importance of someone who is not with us anymore.

In other words, the remembrance category is a way of representing the importance of those who are close to our hearts even if they are no longer with us. It is a heart-warming way of keeping them close and their memories alive.

These tattoos come from deep realms of your heart and can carry many emotions and feelings and almost always a lot of love and affection towards the one we miss the most.


2.  In celebration

The tattoos you get, or you’ll probably get to celebrate a person or a happy occasion of your life that you always want to remember. The stories behind getting these tattoos are so fun that they are fantastic for the wearer and the listeners.

These categories of tattoos are the ones that signify a memorable, joyful, and happy event in your life. It could be the date of your marriage, the first encounter with your soul-mate, the birth of your child, all the way to the date when you gained personal freedom of some kind.

And if you want more reasons, visit tattoo shops in las vegas and ask the artist behind the needle the story of their favorite tattoo. They can give you some great ideas for getting a tattoo if you find it hard to make up your mind and what kind of pattern or image you want to get inked with.

Nonetheless, these tattoos are the ones that are unique to you and make you happy whenever you think about them. Many people like calling them “anniversary” tattoos or even “milestone” tattoos.

However, they aim to specify a moment in time that is remarkably important and meaningful for someone who wears it. Moreover, there are many emotions behind these tattoos and much appreciation, pride, and joy.


3. In search of inspiration

This category is truly inspiring (no pun intended). These tattoos are generally worn to inspire either the person who is getting it or anyone who would get a good look at it.

Take “The Best View Comes After the Climb,” for instance. These words are plain and simple, yet they can give you a whole new look at life.

We all have to experience some good or bad days in our lives. When we feel beaten down, these words of inspiration and motivation can give us back our long-lost strength and confidence.

Whether it is to inspire that person who is wearing the tattoo or a person who is seeing it for the first time or even both, these are positive words that become a quick source of inspiration and give that person a lot of reasons to find their inner strength.


4. In a way of proclamation

You can always find someone wearing a tattoo of proclamation. These tattoos are the ones that a person gets to make a short but bold statement. The person wearing this type of tattoo aims to make some personal statement informing other people about their individuality.

There are tons of different types of proclamation tattoos that have the same idea behind them. Some people get inked with their names, simply declaring who they are.

Some might wear tattoos of their club or group and, yes, even religion. These types will help anyone who wants to make a statement and establish their individualism or show others that they are part of a specific community.

However, we absolutely can’t forget about mentioning the “proclamation of love” in this section. Tattooed half hearts, wedding bands that only complete when laid against another person paralleled tattoos. These types of tattoos also signify a lot of love and devotion towards the person or an idea.


The bottom-line

Tattoos are not just an image that you get inked with, but it also shows your feelings and emotions that you can’t or don’t want to convey with words. They can make you feel special and unique and sets you apart from the crowd. We all like being free and boundless, and tattoos are a way to provide yourself with that ability. However, it not only helps accentuate your individuality but also helps you express your love and devotions towards a person or an idea.

4 Surprisingly Heart-Warming Reasons Why People Get Inked
4 reasons why people get inked

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