3 Places To Find Help And Inspiration

Sometimes, in life, we all end up in situations where we’re not really sure what the next step should be, or where we’re not sure whether or not we are completely on the wrong track or the right track.

Sometimes, it’s even worse than that, and we know for sure that there is a distinct problem that needs to be dealt with – it’s just that we’re unsure how to actually go about dealing with it.

All told, everyone needs a bit of help and inspiration from time to time, and that help and inspiration does not always have to come from the most predictable sources.

Here are a few places to find help and inspiration, when you have an obstacle to move past in your life.

Where to find help and inspiration

Consultations with trained professionals

So, this is a fairly obvious point, but it’s sometimes a good idea to consult directly with trained professionals in a given field, if you are looking for ways to surmount a particular issue, or to gain a skillful idea of how to make the most of your time, effort, and energy.

If you’re struggling trying to get a handle on your finances, for example, it might be that a financial training course or a consultation with a professional accountant might go a long way towards setting you on the right track.

Or, maybe you’ve got more personal issues to deal with. Issues concerning your marriage or relationship, which might benefit from something like an investigation of sex therapy methods.

It won’t always be the case that a consultation with a trained professional will provide you with the best answers, or fast track you to success. But in certain cases, these sorts of consultations can be valuable.

Your own past experiences, and future ambitions

Very often, the best source of “help” is actually going to be the accumulated understanding and insight that you’ve gained over the course of a prolonged process of trial and error.

In other words, your own past experiences. If you’ve properly contemplated on them can frequently provide you with a good deal of insight into where you might have gone wrong before, and where you might need to direct your efforts going forward.

At the same time, maintaining an awareness of your future ambitions can be an excellent way of keeping yourself motivated, going forward.

In both cases, being mindfully and consciously engaged with what’s happened in the past, and where you want to go in the future, is crucial. In order to ensure that you are learning lessons as you go along, consider taking up a journalling practice, for example.

Moments spent in silence (and asleep)

Believe it or not, but many of the greatest breakthroughs, inventions, and reinventions of human history, have come about because people put themselves into situations where they had time alone, in silence, to be inspired.

Beyond just “silence,” many great revelations have actually been had in sleep. The periodic table, for example, was largely structured as a result of a powerful dream on the part of its creator.

When you’re not constantly trying to focus on external forces, you’ll actually be able to learn a lot, and to find a lot of answers, from the well of your own inspiration.


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