4 Easy Ways To Spruce Your Yard Up This Spring

Depending on where you live, you might still be feeling the chill of winter and experiencing dreary, cloudy days. But, for many people across the globe, Spring is just around the corner!

While that gets us in the mood to share Spring wreath ideas and talk about Easter, there’s also the idea of Spring cleaning to keep in mind. While 91% of Americans engage in some kind of Spring cleaning, and about 70% of people in Britain do the same, most people tend to focus on their homes’ interiors, rather than looking outside.

The truth is, your yard deserves some sprucing up for Spring, too! Whether you need to call in the pros (like this tree removal sydney company) or you just need some ideas to get your lawn looking luxurious, you can keep these tips in mind to take your Spring cleaning outside.

How to spruce your yard

1. Get rid of debris first

You might be surprised by how much cleaning debris out of your yard can make a difference. Everything from branches and sticks to leaves and pinecones can go, and it will make your yard look so much better.

You can start by picking up the large pieces of debris, and rake up the smaller items like leaves and twigs. The best part? You can use what you rake up in your compost pile!

Gardener pruning shears cut shrubs roses

2. Prune your bushes and shrubs

Take a look at the bushes and shrubs around your property. If you think you had a tough winter, imagine how they feel! Spend a few minutes on each shrub, pruning away to help encourage their shape and to get rid of any dead areas.

Pruning will not only help your bushes and shrubs to look great, but it will encourage new growth. That’s what Spring is all about!

Whiles these garden activities may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, the end result is worth it. So if you don’t have enough time or the experience to do these, you can simply prune your trees with Stockton arborists. These services are dedicated to taking care of your garden and working on it to give you the end results you seek.

Its about that time to mulch around the neigboorhood.

3. Use fresh mulch

It’s a good idea to clean up and clear out the mulch you used last year, and replace it with new mulch. Fresh mulch will give your landscaping a clean look.

It will prevent weeds from growing where you’re planting flowers, and it can improve the moisture in the soil so your plants/flowers will flourish and grow more efficiently.

Backyard deck overlooking lake outside residential structure

4. Give your deck a scrub

As a bonus tip, don’t forget to clean up any outdoor entertaining areas. You’ll be glad you did when summer rolls around and you want to enjoy a night out on the deck with something tasty on the grill! Some decks can benefit from power washing, but even if you don’t have the capability to do that, you can wash any deck furniture with soap and water, and it will look like new.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience to get your yard in shape for the new season. The more work you put into it now, the easier it will be to maintain it throughout the Spring and Summer. So, don’t ignore the outside of your home when it comes to Spring cleaning. It’s a great excuse to start enjoying the nicer weather!



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