5 Layering Pieces To Add To Your Little Girl’s Fall Wardrobe

Even if your girl is online for school this year, some new fall outfits will add a degree of normalcy to her life. Besides, fall wardrobes are just fun.

Layering can make outfits practical for warmer days right through the chilly first bite of winter. During those second summer days, let her take off the outer layers and bask in the last warmth of the season.

As it gets colder, bundle up your girl in lovely, cozy sweaters and switch from short sleeves to long. Practicality is the true essence of fashion.

5 layering pieces for fall

The foundation piece

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The Presley Couture pinafore dress makes a fantastic base for any outfit. I chose this piece for many reasons. First, these pinafores come in beautiful colors. It’s cliché, I know, but variety really is the spice of life.

Also, most come with pockets, which is essential for any little girl who likes to go exploring. All outfits should come with pockets, for girls and boys alike, and not those tiny ones that can’t keep hold of a mobile phone. Real pockets.

Finally, some pinafores are streamlined and others come with soft ruffles that are fashionably feminine. Either way, pinafores make a great base.

Short-sleeved top

This lace-trimmed Peter Pan collar blouse is an adorable piece to layer under a pinafore or jumper. With elbow-length sleeves, this is a good transition top for the seasons.

It’s not summer short, but you can easily toss on a sweater if it gets too chilly. This top is also going for a great price right now, so snatch it up while you still can.

little girls in long-sleeved sweaters

Long-sleeved top

This simple long-sleeved shirt comes in a few colors, but also in stripes. When the weather cools down, a basic like this is a lifesaver and keeps your girl comfortable. Switch out shorter sleeves when fall starts to turn toward winter.

fall layering pieces for little girls


Adorable sweaters and cardigans come in so many styles and colors, you’re sure to find something that perfectly matches your girl’s fancy and personality.

Wonderful for layering over pinafores, jumpers, or for just wearing with jeans or leggings.

Sweaters are also an essential fashion accessory for running around outside, and easy to fold and put aside when coming into the warm indoors.

little girl in grey dress and white leggings

Leggings and tights

Keep your fashionable princess snug in pretty tights that complement the rest of her outfits. Good, thick tights work wonderfully in colder weather, allowing girls to wear skirts and pinafores without shivering.

Tights work well too, but invest in sturdy, thicker fare that won’t run and get ruined. Warmth is key here. Your girl needs functional fashion, as we all do.

Don’t forget boots and outerwear, such as thicker coats, when the weather gets harsher. But for now, these are some ultimate fall must-haves and will do for a wardrobe upgrade.

Fall is the perfect time to dress up in cozy layers and take some fabulous family pictures with all those beautiful falling leaves in all their radiant colors.

Enjoy it before it’s gone!

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