LED Panel Lights To Lower Your Office Maintenance Costs

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Commercial spaces, which function daily like offices, need an efficient lighting system to factor growth. They are task-oriented spaces that require an environment setup bright and ambient enough to maximize productivity and be simultaneously welcoming.

Office spaces require general lighting to accommodate both the productive environment and comfort of the personnel working in that area. So while working, the light doesn’t cause stress, strain and headaches.

LED panel lights are a modern innovation in the lighting industry designed to suit the fast-paced business environment’s lighting needs. They are designed explicitly for such places to boost productivity and reduce the overall costs of the office.

LED panels are much advanced and versatile than traditional light fixtures, and they can be practically installed in new or old ceilings.

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LED panel lights mounting options

LED panel lights can be mounted in three different ways, depending on the ceiling height.

Recessed mount

They recess into the ceiling and mostly applicable in office environments as they illuminate the room without taking up extra space and creating more overhead space.

Suspend mount

Suspend mount panels hinge from the ceiling through brackets, snap hooks etc.

Cable suspend mount

Cable mount options are adjustable cables which can be lowered or fastened close to the ceiling based on ceiling design and height.

Each panel type has different mounting options, which can be adjustable. They are available in various sizes, specially accustomed to office settings.

Types of LED panel lights

  • 1 x 4 led panel: They are rectangular shaped panel lights, with their wattage around 40- 180W.
  • 2 x 2 led panel: Is a square-shaped panel light
  • 2 x 4 led panel: This is also a rectangle-shaped panel light, which comes in two different wattages.

These panel lights are also dimmable, which allows the user to set the right amount of luminosity which is needed at the place

Led white cold lights over workplaces

Advantages of led panels in offices


LED Lights are highly energy-efficient. They consume 95% of the energy and convert it into light, and the rest is dissipated as heat energy. This is a striking difference between LED and fluorescent fixtures as they waste most of the life-producing heat. This factor results in a savings of up to 75% on bills.


LED panel lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting; for the fact that they produce less heat, they tend to last longer. The average lifespan of LED light is up to 50000 hours. They do not require frequent maintenance, and if they malfunction during their warranty period, they can be replaced without any extra costs.

High CRI:

LED lights have a high colour rendering index; this allows the light to define the true colours of any object it falls on. The CRI index being above 80 is impactful as it imparts accurate colours under daylight-like light.


LED panels allow easy customization of the light. They can be connected with motion sensors and are dimmable, which also saves up energy.

Easy installation:

LED panel lights are super easy to install. Panel lights come in packs, are easy to assemble and have several mounting options as described above. They come with several listings for safety and precautions.

Led panels are super durable and resistant to breakage and corrosion as the housing is made up of durable aluminum. The outer of the panel is epoxy coated for diffusible uniform light.


Installing LED panel lights significantly reduce office maintenance cost by reducing electricity bills. They are highly customizable and the smartest lighting innovation to date for commercial spaces, which function round the clock and have the most economical prices even for startups. Installing them significantly improve the ambience and help generate good revenue.

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