Few Important Things You Need to Know About Scandinavian Design and Furniture

As far as Scandinavian furniture is concerned, this particular design and style of making furniture first came into existence in countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Over the years, this type of furniture has become very popular all over the world, as they are available in a wide range of styles, materials, designs and colors.

This particular type of furniture can certainly add an extra spark to the décor of your house or office.

The Scandinavian design is characterized by different seasons in the Northern part of the world.

Countries in this region experience winter almost throughout the year, with very short days and long nights. This triggered the need to design something which would offer warmth and comfort during winters.

Wood is considered to be one of the key elements to be used in making furniture of this type. Different types and qualities of wood are used to make walls, floors, and different types of accessories, including lighting and furniture.

The fact that wood contains elements of nature make it an excellent option to offer a feel-good environment for all.

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Few key features of Scandinavian design

As far as Scandinavian furniture style is concerned, it is marked with a few below mentioned features. Here is a brief insight into some of them:


As mentioned, when it comes to Scandinavian furniture, wood is the most common type of element to be used. Apart from the fact that wood offers a natural look and has a special aesthetic value, wood is also considered to be a good insulator to keep the interiors warm.

Muted and light colors: 

When it comes to coloring of the furniture, light and mute colors are normally used. This is due to the fact that the winters in this part of the world are dark and long. Hence, in order to make it look bright and livelier, lighter shades are often used.

No use of carpet: 

The use of carpets has always been avoided in Scandinavian design and furniture style. Instead of carpets, wooden floors are used, which stay warm and cozy naturally.

In order to add a touch of design and style to them. And to make them feel softer, sheepskins and rugs are commonly used to complement with the furniture.

Open space: 

This is one of the most important features in laying out Scandinavian design style of furniture. It demands for lots of open space, and hence, this type of designing is not an ideal option for those who don’t have a fair amount of open area. Clumsiness is not what you would associate with this form of furniture designing.

Clean lines: 

As far as the lining is concerned, whether it is on the walls, floors or furniture, in this type of design, they are clean and precise.

You will not find any odd shapes or forms when it comes to Scandinavian style of interior decoration.

Besides, the Scandinavian furniture is also made using blocks and pieces which offer clean linings.

Simplicity is the key: 

One of the key features of this kind of design is the fact that the entire setup is kept simple. No matter what furniture pieces are being used, they are placed in such a manner that it offers a clean and simple setup. The fact that lighter shades are used in this style of designing makes it even more eye catching.

These are some of the major features of Scandinavian furniture designing. There is a wide range of options available in the market for this kind of furniture style.

Have a look over the online stores too in order to find out the varieties of options you can choose from. However, while making purchase, be sure of its quality and price.

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