5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Bedroom Rug

Rugs can offer both visual and functional benefits to enhance any room in the house. It can visually enhance any room with the different designs and materials while protecting layers beneath it and offering sound insulation.

Wake up to warm and soft material on your feet as you get out of bed while covering that annoying stain. Before purchasing the ideal rug, there are several areas that you will need to consider.

Below are 5 tips on how to choose the perfect bedroom rug

  • Choose the Right Material

Having a particular type of floor in the bedroom can influence the materials and style of your ideal rug. If you have a hard laminate floor, it may be wise to put thick and fluffier material as this type of floor can be cold and hard to walk on barefoot.

It is also important to consider the traffic on the rug. While thick and fluffy is the obvious choice for comfort, it wears out quicker if your pets trample on them often. Choose the material best suited for your situation.



  • Choose the Right Style

Having a rug has a significant impact on how the room is going to look. Although styles are mainly chosen by preference, it is important that the style of the rug compliments the room with the right balance of colours and patterns.

The design of the floor and bedding can heavily influence the choice of patterns of the ideal rug. For example, a solid colour upholstery would be ideal for a rug with lots of patterns. Although there is no definitive rule on which styles to mix, don’t be hesitant to mix and match them.

  • Choose the Right Size

Having an oversized mat can overpower surroundings, while small rug does not offer the right coverage. It is important to know the placement and the sizing before purchasing a rug. A room’s layout and size can also take into account depending on which mat size to install.

The key element is to ensure that a rug size is proportionate to the room and its shape. Having a larger sized mat can limit any furnishings in the room so consider having several small mats instead.

  • Choose the Right Shape

Having the right rug shape is just as important as the size. The geometry of the room will also dictate the shape of the rug. For example, having a square room means that a square rug will be the obvious choice.

The imbalance of the room and rug shape can have a detrimental effect on the overall design of the room. Having a large round mat in a small square room would appear disproportionate.

how to choose the perfect bedroom rug
  • Fit a Rug Pad

Fitting a rug pad can seem like an unnecessary cost, however, this is an investment to extend the life of any rug. Not only does it protect the flooring, but it also offers an additional layer of cushioning, keeps rugs in shape and prevents mats from moving around.

It adds an extra safety feature to avoid any trip hazards in the bedroom. The advantages of having a rug pad outweigh the small cost in the grand scheme of things.

Transform your bedroom without full makeover prices. Having the perfect rug can complement your personal style along with its functional purposes. Avoid waking up with cold feet while walking through creaky floors, while showing off your favourite colours.

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