7 Safety Tips For Moving Furniture

how to move furniture

Moving has always been a significant process in anyone’s life. Whether they’re moving to new things, better things, or back to old things, moving is change and change is always a good thing.

One hassle that moving presents, though, is to transport your possession out of your old place and into your new one. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

This is the part where most furniture pieces get damaged either by rough handling or clumsy hands. For you and the movers, it’s one way to get injured. Your house won’t be spared as well because heavy items getting banged are unavoidable in any move.

So how do you manage to successfully move all your possession in without getting them damaged? Below is a short list of tips and tricks for moving pieces of furniture safely.

Important tips for moving furniture

Ask for Help

Moving is not a one-man’s job. Even people who live in trailers and in tiny houses with minimal items require help. Not asking for help in moving heavy furniture can be dangerous both for you and your furniture pieces.

Even if you know how to lift heavy objects safely, it is best to ask for help when moving such items. Getting help can also make the move finish quicker. You save time and energy with more hands, the energy that you will need to rearrange and organize all your things now that you’re moved in.

Plan your Move

Create a plan even before you move. Figure out what you will bring and what will be left behind. Make sure to pack light items safely in boxes and label them; for furniture pieces that can’t be wrapped, at least put some padding, especially on corners. Plan how you will be bringing furniture into your new space. Big ones should go first followed by smaller items.

Protect Doorways

Doors see a lot of activity, especially on moving days. They will get scratched, jostled, and banged up. Make sure you put some sort of protection on them before moving the furniture. Protect the frame with some padding of old towels or cardboard material. You can also put the same padding material on the door. Make sure you use a door stopper to keep the door wide open on moving day.

Use a Dolly

Dollies are great for moving heavier objects, and it prevents you and your movers from wrecking their back trying to move the couch inside. Dollies are also a lot safer and provide more security in moving sensitive appliances like washing machines and dryers. Most moving companies provide one on moving day. If not, you can always rent or purchase one. It’s a great tool to keep handy at home.

Lifting Straps and Harnesses

These items are a great way to help you move larger pieces of items. They can be used to move mid-century modern furniture and keep them from getting damaged in the process. It will also help prevent you from getting back injuries from lifting an object at an odd position.

Hook Chairs

Because chairs are irregularly shaped, they can be such a hassle to move. At first sight, they might not look like they could fit in the doorway but using the “hook” method can save you the trouble of having to remove the door from its frame. It involves moving large chairs around the corner. Turn the chair sideways and move it through the doorway back first. Then curl the other half of it around the door frame.

Take it Apart

Most of the furniture that we have in our home came with some assembly required. Now, I know it can be a pain dismantling them and reassembling them again but trust me it is a far better option than seeing your favorite coffee table scratched and dented because of the move.

Disassemble items that can be disassembled and make sure you have the instructions on hand for when you have to assemble them again. Organize its small pieces and stow them away safely and securely.

tips for moving furniture

Author Bio: Sarah Brooks is a passionate blogger and informative content who loves to write about home improvement, remodelling, and restoration. She is currently working with EMFURN, one of the leading retailers of affordable mid century modern furniture, modern furniture, and industrial furniture.


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