How Are Air Mattresses Measured?

Air bed mattresses are measured almost like regular mattresses but the styling is different from a regular mattress. Air mattresses are easily carryable and stored in a convenient corner of your home and can be used occasionally. Air mattresses are planned through three dimensions tending to their length, width, and depth.

These mattresses vary according to their dimensions and are named depending on their dimensions.

A twin or Twin XL-size mattress is perfect for a single person whereas a king-sized and queen-sized mattress is perfect for a standard small family. The Californian king-sized bed is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches larger than king-sized bed which is the longest size offered by the Californian manufacturer.

Let’s know the details about the measurement of air mattresses explained in this article.

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How are air mattresses measured?

Air mattresses are measured according to their three-dimensional size. As they are sold in folding style, it’s crucial to know their measurements before you make any decision about them. Consider your family members and their height so you can buy the perfect air mattresses for your room size and get a comfortable fitting from these.

As the air mattress is ideal for use occasionally you should use the best narrow air mattresses for a single person or couples. Narrower mattresses are adjustable in any congested places so they are ideal for use while camping outside.

Measurement of some air mattresses with brief

If you have enough knowledge about the measurement of some air mattresses, you can make a perfect buy according to the number of your family members. Through your perfect measurement knowledge about air mattresses, you can buy different quality air mattresses used for any purpose. Let’s know the measurement of different types of air mattresses.

Twin mattress 38” X 75”

The twin mattress is the smallest type of air mattress that can be used only for single sleepers. Its length can be a minimum of 75 inches and 38 inches in width. It is mostly used for the kid’s rooms, and guest rooms or just used as a bunk bed.

Twin XL mattress 38″ X 80″

Twin XL mattresses are for those who prefer larger-length twin beds or need large beds to adjust to their height while sleeping. Generally, it gets 80 inches in length and 38 inches in width. You can use these beds for camping. Plus, as a sitting place while having family get-togethers at home.

Full mattress 54″ X 74″

Full mattresses are best for growing children or youngers. You can get it 54 inches x 74 inches in measurement. It is a bit more spacious than a twin mattress and can be narrower for two persons. This is one of the best transitional mattresses that can be bought at an economical price. Full mattress size is easy enough for young adults to carry to the new apartment from home.

Queen mattress 60″ X 80″

Queen-size mattresses are perfect for use in the bedroom. It is a suitable and best-sized mattress to accommodate a small family like 2 people with one or two kids. These mattresses generally get 80” in height and 60 inches in width. You can get queen-size beds with different styles as these types of mattresses are fast-sold products compared to other air mattresses. 

King mattress 76″ x 80″

King size mattress is the largest mattress you will ever find to buy in the mattress-making industry. Its dimension is 76”x 80”. This type of mattress is made by a USA manufacturer. It is perfect for the couple looking for a luxurious room. The large mattress can accommodate a couple, two children, and their pets. Before you put this mattress in your room make sure that you have measured the floor perfectly to get a comfortable fit.

California king mattress 72″ x 84″

A California king-size mattress is best for tall people who need extra space to save their feet hanging out of the mattress. This bed ensures a peaceful comfortable sleep by accommodating their full body. It is 4 inches long and 4 inches narrower than a standard-sized king bed. This is usually made by the Californian manufacturer. If your room is big-sized you can use this mattress to get a suitable matched bed fitting for your mattress.

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Quick chart for air mattress measurement

We’ve made a quick chart so that you can have a quick idea while placing an order for your home and booking a hotel that only supports air mattresses:

Name of air mattressMeasurementSuitable for accommodating
Twin Mattress38” x 75”1 person
Twin XL Mattress38″ x 80″1 person
Full Mattress54″ x 74″2 people
Queen Mattress60″ x 80″2 adults with 1 kid
King Mattress 76″ x 80″76″ x 80″2 adults with 2 kids
California King Mattress72″ x 84″2 adults with 2 kids

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the measurement for queen and king-size mattresses?

For queen-size mattresses, the common dimension is 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. For the Kingsize mattress, the length will be 80 inches same as the queen size but the width will be 76 inches.

How long can an air mattress last?

Air mattresses can last longer depending on your type of use and care. If you use your air mattress as a regular mattress it will wear out soon.

What is the most popular mattress size?

The queen-sized mattress is the most popular-sized mattress which is sold comparatively faster. Queen mattresses are 60” and 80” in dimension.

What is the difference between king size and a California king-size bed?

A King-sized bed is usually 76” x 80” in dimension whereas a Californian king-size bed is a bit narrower than a king-sized bed. It is 72” x 84” in dimension. So, the Californian bed can accommodate taller people in their beds.


Every person should know about the dimension of mattresses required to have the perfect bed fitting for their rooms. For the small family size, someone should choose a queen-size bed where a king-sized bed is unusual and unworthy of congested room space.

The larger couple with two kids should look for a king-sized bed. Twin beds are ideal for Students and single bachelors. Air bed mattresses are easy to carry and can easily be set on and off depending on the house condition and the surrounding situation.

How Are Air Mattresses Measured?

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