How To Decorate Smaller Living Spaces Aesthetically

With a minimalistic lifestyle comes the need to reassess your living area and how to completely optimize the space. Not all of us have a sprawling property, but that doesn’t mean there are no ways to spruce up your home. In fact, we’ve found that decorating your home can give it a homier feel.

If you’re with us this new year, trying to redecorate your home to make some more space, this blog is perfect for you! Today, we’re going to discuss how one can make their home space look bigger with the help of smart tactics.

We use a lot of economical yet home-beautifying ideas, which are sure to make more use of the available space without jutting out from the corners. Ready to revamp? Let’s get started!

small living room decor

8 ways to decorate smaller living spaces

Get a lot of natural light indoors:

One of the biggest mistakes one could make while owning smaller-scale homes is to block out the light. What

natural light does to your home is nothing short of a glorious experience. The light makes the smallest of spaces look more airy and well circulated.

You’ll find a bigger advantage if you have a home space that is painted in light pastel colors. If you settle for darker hues in paints, this is bound to shrink the living space available, giving your home a congested and crowded feel.

The first change to make is to opt for large and wide windows rather than tiny ones; so making french windows on the side of the house or apartment that receives the most amount of natural sunlight is the top priority.

Next, paint the house a light color, along with warm shades like ivory, blossom pink, and so on. Don’t create defined angles with darker paint and wall art, because this compresses the visuals.

Make bigger pieces fit on the perimeter:

Your furniture could be just as useful while consuming much less space. Want to know how? Imagine an old show rack that takes up most of the space by the door and still doesn’t have enough room to add all your footwear. Switch this to a modern and efficient vertical shoe shelf that can be mounted on the wall.

The space it occupies is ridiculously tiny, all while making more carpet space. Next, get more delicate-looking furniture rather than bulky ones that you can fit along the perimeter; this means playing with shapes like squares, rectangles, or triangles for corners. This optimizes your living space, contrary to circular furniture that wastes a lot of area around them.

Add minimalist artwork:

One of the best ways to invest in art for your home is to put up a few pieces of miniature artworks. Let this be the perfect expression to make your home your own. Get playful and imaginative. However, make sure to keep just a few of these, so that the walls don’t look too crowded. Getting miniature aesthetic paintings of scenery, animations, and abstract artwork very well to make mini houses look quaint.


If you think your home is too loud or has very little space to work with, it’s probably because you need to declutter it. Sometimes, in our course of living in multiple houses, it can happen that we collect too many household items that cannot be brought into a smaller home.

Make sure you go through your belongings and sort out the pots, pans, decorations, boxes, and furniture to decide which ones go with the current theme and size. If you have a rented storage area you want to put these into until you move into another property, keep them there. Otherwise, holding a garage sale or selling them online is a lucrative way to make some money.

Use symmetry to your advantage:

Smaller apartments and homes usually come in highly symmetrical constructions. This means that your rooms are either a perfect square or rectangle considering the walls, which can help you make the spaces seem bigger.

Using the trick of optical illusion to enhance such symmetry is easier than making a house with jagged walls and corners look aesthetic. Use the shape of the walls to install lights that maximize the brightness, giving them a wider lens. Rather than adding a chandelier, go for a tabletop lamp that can take up a convenient corner.

Divide spaces for utility:

If your home has limited space but needs to be utilized for multiple purposes, we suggest that you create divided spaces for multiple purposes. For instance, your living room can be split into an office area for online work if your hall is bigger than the bedroom. This can be done easily using sheer dividers or rice paper curtains for the daytime.

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Use indoor plants and flowers:

Beautifying your home with succulents and house plants is one of the easiest ways to bring a splash of life. You can make use of the vertical space at home and add hanging pots or a terrace shelf that wastes or spills no water and creates the most efficient planting system.

If you’re living in an area that supports cacti and succulents, make sure that you learn about their care and upkeep. Succulents are fussy plants when you’re getting to know them, so it may take a few trials and errors to get used to them. However, adding money plant vines and other such species will bring you good vibes and good luck!

Wrapping Up:

Beautifying your house doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. All you need to do is make smart decisions and choose what decor you can work with at home. For instance, if you have storage boxes lying around, now’s the time to put them into good use and create a more optimized space at home.

Or, you could use larger rugs from bigger homes to give the illusion of expansive space. All in all, this can be a budget yet fun way to brighten things up. We hope this blog helped you recreate your home and utilize the best in it!

How To Decorate Smaller Living Spaces Aesthetically

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