Kitchen Design And Renovations: Here Are A few Layout Ideas

Does your kitchen seem a bit out of place? Do you enjoy working in the kitchen? Are you happy with kitchen storage? These are the questions one should ask oneself  before getting a kitchen renovated. If you don’t feel positive about your kitchen, then you should seriously consider the idea of renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking anymore. This idea existed earlier but now people want a kitchen where they can cook, chit-chat and eat too. Instead of having food on a dining table, you can have high chairs and use kitchen counter as the table. You can also use it for cutting and chopping vegetables.

kitchen backsplash ideas

Kitchen design and renovations also becomes necessary when one wants to change the look of one’s kitchen wish to have a proper place for everything. Modular kitchens, kitchen islands and splash backs are trending these days with most of the people opting for them.

When you plan to go for kitchen renovations, you will come across various designs. Modular kitchen cabinets are made to fit and thus save you the time of construction. They are simply installed and ready to give your kitchen a whole new look.

kitchen design layout ideas

Here are some kitchen design layout ideas.

One wall:

In this style, the things are packed on opposite walls with a passage in between for walking. This gives it a gallery style look. In these types of kitchens more appliances can be installed as there are two walls available for installation. In this type of kitchen, we even have more space for working in the kitchen and thus work is done in a more systematic way.

Corridor Style:

In this, all the things are packed into a single wall. This is ideal for small homes as they don’t take up much space. All the appliances are fitted in the wall. Cleaning these kitchens is also simple and doesn’t require much time.


This design leaves more free space and thus a number of people can work in the kitchen at the same time. In this type of kitchen, we have the things arranged on two perpendicular walls. This is the ideal option for people who like to throw parties.


This design is similar to the corridor design, the only difference being in length and that the opening is in the center rather than at the corner. So, when you enter the kitchen, you face the long wall instead of facing the short wall. These types of kitchens offer complete privacy. This type of kitchen is preferred by people who like to work in peace.

Adding of Island in L-Shaped and U-Shaped:

An island is a raised counter in the kitchen which is free on all sides. It is used for having food inside the kitchen, having a few drinks or can even be used for chatting while another person cooks. This island has a few chairs around it. This is ideal for small families and save the cost of buying a dining table.

kitchen design ideas

Kitchen design and renovation has become essential these days. People nowadays tend to spend a major amount on the kitchen to enhance both the functionality and appearance. Renovating your kitchen might be a little expensive but the outcome is surely worth it as you will not only love cooking but also get lots of compliments from guests. The importance of kitchen should not be undermined. If you plan to get your kitchen renovated, search online for a reliable dealer kitchen design idea.


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    I love looking at other’s kitchens. It is one of the places we spend most of our time, so it’s always nice to have a great one.

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