Creative Ways To Add Colour To Your Property

If you’re fed up of winter and want a little more colour in your home, then these creative ways to use colour will be right up your street. From optimistic yellows to vibrant coral and relaxing greens, colour is everywhere in 2019. These colourful finishing touches are perfect for updating your property and adding some fun to your space.

creative ways to add colour to your home

Ways to add colour to your home

1. Furniture

One great way to add a big pop of colour is to choose an amazing piece of statement furniture in a bright colour you love. There are some fabulous choices out there. From painted chests of drawers in jewel tones to plush velvet armchairs in a gorgeous dusky pink. Once you have chosen your colourful statement piece, you can add details to your room to coordinate. Or for an eclectic feel, use a range of other colours in the room too.

2. Fabrics

Fabric is another great way to add some colour to your property without making permanent changes. Bright curtains are perfect. Choose a colour that will complement the rest of the room and don’t be afraid to go bold. If you want even more colour, or you’d like pale curtains with a colourful touch, then you can also find curtain tie backs in a range of bright colours and textures.

Cushions in bold, bright shades and prints are also great for adding colourful details. If you want to stick with one colour scheme, use different textures and fabrics for some variety too. If you find a fabric you love, try making your cushions, and add some bright fringing or colourful buttons.

Colourful design can be seen everywhere in 2019 it’s a great way to make a property seem fun and inviting, and even landlords and property developers are starting to move away from bland beige design and introduce some colour. Property investment experts RW Invest have a wide range of lucrative investment properties, with high-end, modern design and colourful touches like bright artwork and vivid cushions.

3. Plants

The natural world is another great source of inspiration for your home, and you can try and bring the outdoors in for some style. Plants are a beautiful way to add some lush green to your home. Just choose easy to maintain ones like ferns and cacti. You can get colourful pots too! A gorgeous bunch of flowers on the table is a sure way to add some bright seasonal colours, and you can change them when you want to as well.

4. Arts

Colourful prints and bright pieces of art are a beautiful and stylish way to add both colour and personality to your property. Whether you love traditional paintings, bright graphic prints or textured impressionist canvases, using art on the walls is the perfect way to create a magazine-worthy interior.

Look out for original pieces by up and coming artists or huge oversized prints for one wall. If you’re feeling creative, you can also try making your own artwork – look online for art you like first. Then try and create your own unique twist with bright acrylic paints and a canvas, or with watercolours on paper in bright frames.


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