Roofing is no doubt an essential part of any home. A lot of careful thoughts and considerations are put in when getting a roof designed and placed over the house. It raises just not careful thinking but also demands substantial financial investment. Although concrete tiles remain a popular choice, colorbond roof replacement is being preferred more nowadays. Read on to learn about Colorbond roofing material.

What Is Colorbond Roofing Material?

Colorbond is one of the most popular roofing material that is available in a wide range of strengths as well as colours and profiles. Referred to as metal roofing, it is actually a lot more than metal roofing as it carries acoustic and thermal insulation. Colorbond roofing will keep your house cool in summer, and when it rains, you will not get overwhelmed by the sound of the raindrops falling on the roof.

When it comes to the costs of colorbond roof replacement, it can range from $18 to $36 per sheet. One can go for powder-coated Colorbond, double-sided Colorbond or the most Colorbond Ultra. The costs can vary based on the type of Colorbond roofing style you opt for. It is always a good idea to go for colorbond roof replacement especially if the roof is old and tiled.

Why go for Colorbond Roof Replacement

While other types of roofs carry their advantages, the colorbond roof replacement is getting popular because of the higher strength and hi-tech manufacturing. As a result, one can look for an outstanding product when it comes to roofing. Moreover, the Colorbond roofing is backed by a solid warranty. Here are some of the key advantages of a colorbond roofing.

Lighter weight

Colorbond is about 90% lighter than the traditional roofing. It means that there is no heavy load on the roofing subframe and, it is a lot easier to handle and install the roofing.

Higher lifespan

With a Colorbond roof, one can look forward to the longevity of more than 70 years for the roof. These roofs are a lot sturdier against extreme weather and thus create no issues like problem leaks.

Easy Maintenance

Another significant benefit of colorbond roof replacement is that the roof is very easy to maintain as there is little need to clean or repaint the roof. Moreover, there are very slight chances of any damage to the roofing panels made of metal.

Superior insulation

As colourbond Roofs get installed with a thick foil adhered insulation which is at least 55 mm thick, one can look forward to a much better thermal, acoustic and condensation guard.

More options for design

This is a fact that one enjoys more flexibility with Colourbond roofing, so we can find a rising demand of these roofs in both commercial and residential areas. There are a lot of designs, colours, and styles to pick when thinking of colorbond roof replacement.

For those toying with the idea of going for a tiled roof or a colorbond roof, it is a good idea to go for the colorbond roof. Later on, you might have to spend more time, money and effort on colorbond roof replacement as the old material will need to be removed first. All you need to look for is an experienced team to install it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes. When compared to any other roofing material, colorbond steel is simple and easy to install as well as a lot lighter but a lot sturdier when compared to other roofs. Currently it is becoming the first choice for roofing material, property buyers too prefer a colorbond roof when looking for properties or homes.



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