What To Pack For The Perfect Relaxing Break

what to pack for a relaxing break

Summer is finally on its way. For many of us, that means a summer vacation. We often book our big summer trip in plenty of time, perhaps even as soon as we’ve returned from the last one.

It’s the perfect time of year to get away. There’s fantastic weather in many locations, and it’s a brilliant way to break up a long year, giving us something to look forward to.

Some of us go on adventure holidays or embark on busy city breaks and tours. But, that’s not for everyone. Some of us love nothing more than relaxing on the beach with a gorgeous cocktail and an unputdownable novel.

If your dream vacation includes staying in a luxurious hotel like Courtyard Hermosillo and spending your time slowly exploring, relaxing, getting some sun and leaving all of your home stresses far behind you, here is what you need to pack.

Things to pack for a relaxing break


Books are possibly the very best way to relax on vacation. There’s no better way to leave your worries behind than falling into someone else’s. At home, it can be hard to lose yourself in a book, even a great one.

There’s always something else that you should be doing or somewhere that you need to be. When you’re on holiday, there is nothing. You can sit and read for as long as you like. Fully immersing yourself in the lives and locations of your characters and forgetting your own life entirely.

This can either help you to forget your worries, giving your brain a welcome rest ready to tackle them refreshed later on. Or, it can put things into perspective, making them seem a little less important than they did before. Either way, it’s a welcome process.

If you are a keen reader and can go through a few books in a week, you might want to consider a Kindle so that you don’t have to pack a heavy collection.

Loose Clothing

When you are on holiday in a hot location, the last thing you want is to be wearing hot and restrictive clothing. The beach on a summer’s day is no place for tight skinny jeans that you need to squeeze yourself into.

Instead, pack bikinis and swimwear, loose vests and t-shirts, maxi dresses and skirts, and comfortable beach trousers. If you are plus-size there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a day at the beach just get plus size swimwear. You may also want a few light cardigans or jackets so that you can keep relaxing outdoors late into the day.


Sleep is an essential part of a relaxing break. So, if you are a light sleeper, you may want to pack some earplugs. You never know who’s going to be staying in the room next door, or what noises of nature you might be able to hear late at night.

Sun Protection

You won’t be able to relax for long if you get burned and sore as soon as you set foot outdoors. Pack a high factor sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses with UV Protection so that you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying.

A Large Bag

If you plan on spending time by the pool or on the beach, pack a large tote or beach bag to easily transport your towel, beachwear, books, sunscreen, and water.


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  1. April 17, 2018 / 9:31 am

    Great tips dear 😉

  2. Patricia & Miguel
    April 20, 2018 / 11:50 am

    Books, loose clothing and our tank drum for some meditative music are all essential when we pack for our trips 😀
    Great tips here, thanks for sharing,

    Patricia & Miguel

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    Thanks for writing an article that I found easy to read and understand. I just found this site and am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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