5 Reasons To Invest In A High-Quality Mattress

Enjoying good and regular sleep wouldn’t only boost your productivity and performance. It will improve your overall well-being, help you relieve stress, and make your immune system grow stronger. Normally, people should have eight hours of quality sleep per day to maintain healthy living.

Individuals who do not get enough quality sleep tend to be at high risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and a number of other health conditions. When left unchecked, these ailments can pile up and cause unforeseen problems in the long run.

Often, people believe not getting enough quality sleep is solely a result of overthinking. For a fact, overthinking can deprive a person of mental stability and, subsequently, cause a lack of sleep.

Nonetheless, it usually isn’t the only factor responsible for a lack of quality sleep. Even with a settled mental and emotional state, sleeping on a poorly-made or low-quality mattress can still deprive you of quality sleep.

The impact of a good bed on the quality of sleep can not be overemphasized. Besides helping you sleep longer, a good bed will help you fall asleep even faster. In fact, some people handle mental stress and bad moods by simply hitting the hay on a well-built spring.

If you’re in California, finding a mattress store near me helps you quickly get rid of your old and uncomfortable mattress for a new one. Truly, buying a new bed is buying comfort. Your physical and mental health will thank you for it. Below are some core reasons you may consider buying a new high-quality mattress for your home.


Why you should invest in a high-quality mattress

 1. Accurate spine alignment

You must have heard some people complain of back pain after sleep- particularly in the spine region. Right? Chances are they didn’t enjoy quality sleep due to the kind of mattress they sleep on.

A good cushion will help you gradually and softly straighten your back while allowing you to sleep like a newly born child. Because they are balanced and equally support each part of your body, your weight is evenly distributed across the spring.

Thus, you wouldn’t be putting all your weight on one part of your body alone, as that can cause irregular spine alignment.

2. It encourages snore-free sleep

Everyone dislikes the sound of a snore, even those guilty of snoring. If you’ve ever met anyone in California who snores, you probably would understand how disturbing it sounds. Snoring is usually a result of a partially blocked or restricted airway during sleep. And, several factors can cause you to snore, including your cushion.

For most people, changing their overly soft mattress to a rather balanced one is all they need to contain their snore. A sagging spring wouldn’t help you maintain good sleep posture. Your head and neck may not connect properly, creating an imperfect flow of air through your esophagus.

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3. It prevents allergies

Old mattresses usually contain germs and certain harmful organisms. This is owing to the amount of sweat, allergens, and dust particles it has shouldered over the years. This dirt then causes allergies as time goes on.

Allergies can further cause congestion, swelling of the throat, and inconsistent sleep.  This is especially dangerous for individuals with past medical conditions.

For instance, if you have an old bed that is weighed down due to dust and other dirt, it wouldn’t be healthy to allow an asthma sleep on it. The dust can negatively impact them and perhaps even worsen the condition. Although some of these particles can’t be readily seen, it doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

A good practice is to change your mattress at least once every six years. Plus, if you cannot remember the years you bought your mattress, it’s probably time to check out mattress stores in California.

woman lying on a mattress

4. Helps promote good form and posture

As surprising as it sounds, your sleep posture affects your overall body posture. Normally, people adopt different sleeping postures without even realizing it. And even when you try to maintain a posture before sleeping every night, chances are you would wake up in another posture.

The various postures we adopt during sleep can affect our overall body structure and posture in the long run. Especially if we often stick to a particular posture.

For instance, side sleepers tend to be more susceptible to back pain since this position causes the back to strain and the neck. Side-sleeping can also cause the arms and shoulders to hurt since they’ll be pressed onto the mattress.

This pressure restricts blood flow in the arms and shoulders and may cause them to change their position over time slightly. People who tend to sleep on their right side may as well stress their organs in the process. And, sleeping on the back too doesn’t come without its downside. Sleeping on the back can potentially worsen certain health conditions such as sleep apnea.

5. Prevents pain after sleeping

Sleep should help us relax and rejuvenate, no doubt. But when it brings pain and stress, you may need to consider changing your cushion. Pains in the neck and back regions are often caused by insufficient quality sleep, especially when there isn’t any prior health condition.

Your body needs to be well aligned to enjoy pain-free sleep. And one simple way to keep your body aligned is by sleeping on a high-quality cushion. The mattress will hold your spine in a straight line while you enjoy deep sleep all around the night.

The secrets of healthy living are healthy eating and healthy sleeping. To eat healthily, eat only balanced meals as they are full of quality nutrients. To sleep healthily, sleep only on a well-built mattress as they enhance good and quality sleep.

What to do?

Try sleeping on a good mattress! Sleeping on a good bed can eliminate most of the earlier mentioned challenges. Picking a sleeping position (such as sleeping on your right side) will also help you maintain a good body posture.

Your bed helps you distribute your body weight in such a way that you don’t get pressured. Thus, helping you maintain a good overall body structure.

5 Reasons To Invest In A High-Quality Mattress

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