What Eternity Rings Mean & What Finger Do They Go On?

Eternity Ring: A ring with profound meaning and depth. This historical ring has been around for about 4000 years and is usually exchanged between couples to celebrate an anniversary milestone. Yes, something as small as a ring insinuating something so heartwarming!

We’re sure after reading this now whenever you think to buy eternity rings, you would look at it with a whole new outlook. Having said that, confused on which finger you should don your eternity ring? Want to explore this stunning ring more? Come let’s discuss.

What does an eternity ring signify?

An eternity ring could signify ‘everlasting commitment and love towards one another. Through this ring, a couple usually insinuates that their love for one another is undying and they are inseparable. Got an idea why this unique ring has got such profound value?

An eternity ring also stands for the endless ‘circle of life,’ thus making it a perfect gift on the occasion of the birth of a baby. In a nutshell, this intricately designed ring symbolizes a promise of never-ending love and lifelong commitment, implying that nothing can ever part you. So you can buy eternity rings for a number of reasons, the most common one being an anniversary.

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What does an eternity ring look like?

Talking about the appearance, an eternity ring comes in uniquely cut diamonds in a circular pattern set in a prong, channel, pave, or bezel setting. The endless circle of diamonds set together denotes eternal and infinite love.

See how the design of an eternity ring itself speaks for it? From the classic round shape to the timeless pear and baguette shape, an eternity band has it all covered under its belt. Apart from that, it is a timeless fashion statement as well not only among women but among men as well nowadays.

What finger can you wear your eternity ring on?

Having discussed the heartwarming meaning that an eternity ring holds, discussing what finger could you actually wear this timeless ring on becomes all the more interesting? Why not? Everything said and debated, isn’t this one of the most important parts of the discussion?

Although it all boils down to your personal preference, knowing a bit more about the options you could be having and what do they signify wouldn’t hurt too, right? Let’s discuss on what finger do you wear an eternity ring on!

● Ring finger:

Yes, here comes the finger that has been people’s favorite to don any and every ring. Did you know an eternity ring, while being donned on the ring finger of the left hand, is usually stacked with the wedding as well as an engagement ring.

The way is that the wedding ring goes first, then the eternity ring, and finally your solitaire engagement ring. It is believed that the ring finger has a vein that goes straight to the heart. Apart from that, an eternity band could also be worn on the ring finger alone without the wedding ring. That’s a style statement in itself.

Eternity bands for couples are like a go-to choice to flaunt along with their other rings. You can also wear it on the ring finger of the right hand to flaunt your three beautiful rings on different fingers. So, a ring finger, whether of the right hand or the left hand is a favorite for people to don their eternity ring upon.

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● Middle Finger:

If you don’t want to wear your eternity ring on the ring finger, you still have the option of wearing it on the longest finger of your hand, don’t you? Eternity rings embedded with larger diamonds or uniquely cut diamonds can be worn on the middle finger as well since it is the longest. Eternity ring for women is so popular because the options to stack it and wear it on different fingers are endless.

● Thumb:

Yes, an eternity ring goes really well on a thumb. In fact, many people choose to wear the classic Eternity band on the thumb to make a striking style statement. Men and women both prefer wearing an eternity ring on the thumb because of its studded design.


So, everything said and debated, an eternity ring or an eternity band has been quite a popular choice among people because apart from it being a unique fashion statement, the options to stack it and don it is endless. Everything boils down to your personal choice!

You can wear it however you like. We’re just here to help you and clear out the confusion you might have. Whether you don it on a ring finger, middle finger, or thumb, we’re sure it’d look just as stunning. Why not? The meaning that it holds itself is that deep! Finally, here we wrap up wishing you all the very best!

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    Eternity rings are a popular choice for those looking to express their everlasting love and commitment to their partner. Thank you for sharing this informative post about eternity rings and what they signify.

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