Giving An Artistic Feel To Your Home – A Decor Transformation

No matter how beautiful a place is, it still can never beat the beauty of a home. Irrespective of where your feet may take you, your home will always be the corner where you will come back. And since it is the manifestation of all your dreams together, there is no creative stopping that can stop you from building the house of your imagination.

After getting the construction done, another challenge awaits you when it comes to designing the interiors. Like everyone else, you would also want it to be the embodiment of aesthetics and space that truly reflects the most eclectic and unique elements. So, if you are someone who has been waiting to unleash your inner artist to bring out the best in your home look, then this article is just for you.

How to add an artistic feel to your home

White walls

The color white just makes everything better and bigger. And because walls play such a crucial role in the home, you can easily amplify this corner. You can play around with a wide array of artwork, putting up with pictures and paintings.

You can consult an online art gallery for inspiration, which would help you make it look like something straight out of an artist’s studio. Having white or any lighter base color would make your designs and paint colors stand out better against the contrast than cluttered patterns or loud and bright shades.

white and blue living room decor

Red brick walls

If you think that all white is a bit too bland for your taste, then you can always stick to the good old brick walls. And what may seem to you like the best part of it is that you would not have to do much to achieve this appearance. It is the same natural wall that lies beneath your wallpaper.

Just remove the topmost surface, and you will have what you are looking for. The rustic edges can be too rough but they can always be smoothened down with sandpaper to achieve more finesse. It looks very homely and manages to get a sudden appeal without having to put in many efforts.

living room with brick wall - add an artistic feel to your decor
living room with red brick wall

Art installations and sculptures

You may think that to buy a good art piece, you will need to bid goodbye to a big chunk of money; however, that is not the case. To add exquisite touches to your home, all you need is attention to detail with a knack for displaying your collected pieces in the most unthought-of places.

Though it depends on the whole look, you want to create, and you can make your purchases locally after deciding on the theme. That means that you may start looking a little more into your local wooden markets, warehouse clubs, or even a garage sale. If you are a big-time traveler, picking items on your journeys is also a good idea. It would make your house look like a global museum of many cultures and traditions.

art decor, indigenous culture


You may already know that lighting is very responsible for giving a whole new perspective to shared space. And that is why you should always use it to enhance the area. It helps you to create a selective focus on wall hangings and frames. Or, if you have the perfect lamp for an antique table, you can always place dim lighting to create an amber effect.

The gimmicks of lighting are so good that you can count on them for almost everything. If you wish to concentrate on specific areas, you can also add a dash of fairy lights to give a lounge-like feel to your room.

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Innovate with furniture

If you want to add fun elements to your household, there is no point in keeping it safe. You can go all out and think of the box, especially if you try to come to something unique. Whether it is the bed that you sleep in or the work chair you sit on for hours, pick something that goes around the house’s theme. With the current innovative pieces in the market, you can always get something to your liking.

For example, even the thought of having a tiny turquoise stool with a peachy orange center table and a white and blue china vase seems idyllic. Recreating some of your visions to do up your home can yield combinations that would be worth getting featured in a lifestyle magazine.

elegant contemporary living room

Get in home plants

Plants are fantastic to have in the house as they are great air purifiers and help provide you with oxygen. They also add in the touch of a lushness around the surrounding space and make it look just so much bright and vibrant. There are many kinds of houseplants that you can make a selection from.

If you are a lazy person and would not like to devote a lot of time to taking care of them, it would be better to invest in a low-maintenance variant, requiring minimal maintenance from your side.

house plants and shelf


If getting a pet is an idea that you have to toy around and have not been feeling very brave about, this suggestion may handle that and take care of the household aesthetics. A small pot of colorful fish or a little more modest-sized aquarium looks fantastic and goes brilliantly with the decor.

Also, they are not very difficult to maintain, so unless and until you are starving or poisoning them, there are few chances of killing them accidentally. Ensuring that a cat would not be on the prowl endangering their lives, you can get yourself a cool glass world of these marine creatures. Adding beauty to the overall aesthetics, looking at them, and playing outside will also help you destress and stay happy and relaxed.

If you want some more ideas, you can think of integrating some colored glass panels, which exude a lot of class and make grand design statements. Or you can put full-length sliding glass doors to lend a timeless appeal without constricting the limited space. Also, use a lot of mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger room.

With so many options, we are pretty sure that you will be feeling stimulated and encouraged to do something of your own now. Far from us to curtail your new fun, remember that there is no one way that can be correct. It is your place, and you can do with it as you please. We wish you all the best!


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