Clean Your Home More Efficiently With These 7 Tips

Cleaning the house for some people is the most relaxing thing in the world. It’s a therapeutic activity that many look forward to every month, week or day. Others, however, look at cleaning as an incredibly exhausting and stressful task, especially when they have a lot of other things to do.

Either way, you need to clean your house once you see dust, dirt and clutter piling up around your living space. Getting your work done at home will be difficult if your home looks like a mess.

So, how do you clean your house without this activity taking a huge chunk of your time? Take note of these suggestions to clean your home more efficiently:

how to clean your home efficiently

7 Tips to Clean Your Home Efficiently

  1. Begin Your Cleaning Tasks from the Top

Regardless of the room you’re cleaning, you should tidy up from the top down, so that the dust and dirt from higher surfaces fall on the lower surfaces that you’ll be cleaning next. One strategy is to dust the ceiling fans. Then, wipe off your furniture. Lastly, clean the floors to get rid of all the dirt and dust.

2. Make Home Cleaning a Group Activity

Whether you’re cleaning a small butpremium condo unit or a large house, you need people to help you with this task. By turning cleaning into a team activity, you can tidy up your home a lot more quickly than you doing everything by yourself. So meet with your family to schedule a house cleaning day and assign tasks to each person

3. Avoid Cleaning One Room at a Time

Tidying up your house is a lot more efficient if you choose one task, such as mopping, vacuuming and dusting, and do the same activity in every room in the home, instead of cleaning the rooms one at a time. By doing this, you won’t have to feel like you’re in an endless cleaning cycle, beginning with the same task over and over again.

4. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies in a Bucket

Put all your cleaning stuff in one portable place to make tidying up easier for you. When everything you need is in a bucket, you won’t waste precious time searching for the right tools while you clean. What’s more, you won’t need to waste energy collecting these tools before your next go around.

5. Tackle 30-Second Cleaning Hacks

Do you have (half) a minute to spare? This can be a stretch on some days, but when you do have the time, you should grab the opportunity to get some cleaning done.

Here are easy and quick chores that will only take a moment of your time:

  • Empty the small trash cans in your bathroom – The tiny bins can sometimes be overlooked until they’re overflowing with garbage. Make this chore easy and simple to complete by storing additional liners in the bottom of the bin. Wrapping up the used liner and opening up the new one will only take you a few seconds of your time.
  • Clean a mirror – Use vinegar and old newspaper to clean this everyday household item. The vinegar will make sure that the mirror dries streak-free. What’s more, the newspaper will leave less fuzzy residue compared to paper towels.
  • Do a quick clean on your refrigerator – Thirty seconds may not be enough to clean your fridge thoroughly, but it is adequate for taking on incredibly simple tasks, such as throwing away mysteriously wrapped packages sitting for weeks in the deli drawer and tossing out the expired milk carton at the back of the refrigerator.
  • Dispose of empty cleaning containers – Throw out empty or old bottles to make space for new cleaning supplies.

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6. Keep Moving When You Vacuum

Don’t get stressed over not getting every nook and cranny when you vacuum. That’s just going to cost you time. Instead, just keep moving through your home and run the cleaning appliance in every carpeted room in one pass. Then, assign someone to clean the corners and other areas that you missed.

7. Wash Your Cleaning Tools Regularly

A common mistake that households make is not maintaining the cleaning supplies and equipment. Using a vacuum cleaner with a full bag or a dirty mop is much less effective. You’ll end up allotting more time to clean your house this way. So make sure you empty the vacuum bag, wash the mop and do other cleaning maintenance work before you work on any room.

When you need ways to efficiently clean your house, take note of these seven cleaning hacks. Employing these simple suggestions will make your home looking sparkling clean and tidy in no time.


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