How You Can Spot A Fake Omega Watch

Omega is a watch brand that is synonymous with luxury, and because of this, there are many fake watches around. When looking to purchase an Omega watch, you will need to educate yourself on what to look for to ensure it is genuine. Below you will find some of the ways that you can tell if your Omega watches are genuine or not to help ensure you only purchase the real deal.

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6 ways to spot a fake omega watch

Look at the logo

The logo of an Omega watch is where you will notice some differences between a genuine watch and a fake, and if it looks painted on, it is not real. An authentic Omega watch has the logo added to its dial, so it should be raised slightly. If your logo is flat, it is most likely not real and worth a lot less than you may have thought.

Look at the hands of the watch

Omega watches are similar to others with Swiss movement, and the hands can be a clear sign as to whether it is a genuine Omega watch or not. The second hand should have a smooth and fluid motion rather than a ticking motion you see in the fakes.

When you look at those elegant Sydney vintage watches or other old watches from other locations, and you find a few of them are Omega, you should notice that the second hand will stop if you adjust the time, which helps ensure accuracy, so it is something else to look for in a genuine Omega watch.

Look at the dial

You will also want to look at the watch’s dial. Ensure that there are no mistakes or poor engraving on the watch’s dial. Everything has to be spaced evenly. If you do see any errors or oddities in the watch dial, avoid purchasing it and continue your search elsewhere.

Check the serial number

You will also want to look at the serial number of any potential watch you are looking to purchase and check the details online. You can do this online using the Omega website. There is a charge for this service, so check everything else before requesting serial number confirmation from Omega. If you see any discrepancies with the serial number, it may be best to avoid making a purchase.

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Look at the lumes

Omega watches come with a reflective surface on the dial and hands, which glow in the dark and you can use this feature to tell if they are genuine or not. Put the watch under a bright light for fifteen minutes and then take it to a dark place so you can see the glow. A genuine Omega watch should glow brightly and last for a significant time before losing its brightness.

Purchase from a trusted source

One of the best ways to ensure that you buy a genuine Omega watch is to get it from a reputable source that you trust. Many excellent dealers can show you the difference between the real ones and fakes, and they will be happy to help educate you to ensure you know what to look for in an Omega watch.


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