70+ Chic Bohemian Decor Ideas

boho bedroom

One decor style we absolutely love is the bohemian decor. This is because of how versatile the bohemian decor style is. Bohemian decor can be anything you want it to be.

It can be a Scandinavian-inspired decor with earth tones or a combination of bright patterns and textures with eclectic art.

Boho decor embraces the free spirit. It takes a relaxed and irregular approach to home decor and styling.

Who is bohemian decor for?

Bohemian decor is for the one with a carefree attitude towards life. One who embraces the unusual and is free spirited. Someone who connects with the world and is very spontaneous. Someone who is simple.

It is the best type of decor for the traveller. The traveller is someone who is spontaneous and embraces the world. They want to travel the world. They want to see the world and they are open to anything.

It is the best home style for the collector. The collector collects different things around the world, both vintage and modern. This makes the bohemian decor the perfect decor style for such a person. They can mix and match different items to create their own unique style.

It is for the artistic person, like the writer or the actor or someone who likes to explore and mix and match things to invent their own unique thing.

So if you are looking to try bohemian decor, then keep reading for some tips on how to achieve this decor style. And oh, we added lots of photos to help you find some inspiration, check them out.

Tips to nail the bohemian decorating style

1. Use vintage pieces

If you are a vintage lover, then bohemian decor gives you the chance to display your vintage collections. Not everyone likes vintage decor in their home, if you are not a vintage lover, then you can include just one vintage piece in your decor to add some level of sophistication to your decor style.

You can add a vintage light or just one vintage piece of furniture at one corner of the room. You can find genuine vintage pieces at flea markets or second hand shops. To throw in some modern shade on your vintage piece, you can paint them to make them look chic whiles adding the sophistication that comes along with vintage pieces.

2. Combine different furniture styles

Vintage pieces aren’t the only furniture pieces you can use for bohemian decor. In fact, bohemian decorating style is all about mixing and matching different things to create your own personal style.

The possibilities are endless here. You are free to mix and match whatever furniture pieces you want.

Remember, bohemian decor embraces all, especially the unusual.

So to achieve this look, you can combine different furniture styles. Like the Scandinavian furniture style to add a rustic feel to the decor and a contemporary furniture to add a modern touch to your decor, together with an antique furniture to add elegance to your home.

3. Embrace earth tone and reflective surfaces

To embrace earth tone, you can include either wood, rattan or wicker in your decor. You can also include brown elements in your decor.

Also to add a magical feel to your decor, you can include reflective surfaces like metallics or simply, mirrors.

4. Bring in some greeneries

Bring the outdoors indoors by incorporating some plants into your decor. Again, you can have different varieties of plants in your home. This can include vines, shrubs and plants.

Place different types of potted plants at different points in your home to express the boho feeling. Nothing expresses the feeling of freedom and wanderlust more than nature.

You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of space to bring some plants into your home. You can hang some vines on the walls or around your bed or you can go for plant wreaths. You can also get some hanging planters, this is an elegant way to include greenery in your home.

Also, including plants in your home decor is naturally good for your health.They absorb harmful toxins in the air and boosts your mood and concentration. Plants have a way of making us feel relaxed and calm. They help reduce stress and create a sense of well-being. Plus they also reduce noise.

5. Use eclectic art

One way to truly embrace the boho decor is to use different pieces of art. You can hang them on your walls or showcase them in any way you want.

The art can include antique pieces, flea market finds and souvenirs from your travels.

If you are a collector, this is where you can display you impressive collection.

6. Include bright patterns and different textures

The tone for bohemian decor is bold. Use bright colours and bold patterns to express yourself. Choose your colour scheme and spread them throughout your home.

A splash of bright colour is enough to transform any room. You can use bright coloured sofa, bright coloured throw pillows, bright coloured rugs and blankets. Or even just a bright coloured art or souvenir in a room is enough to make a difference. You can also try using bright accessories.

Boho decor includes all, so really there is nothing like too much. More is more and more is good and more is okay.

Patterns create a sense of vibrancy and they add an element of playfulness and excitement into your decor style.

So include different textures and patterns in your decor. You can adorn your walls in different patterns. Use a textured rug, textured curtains, textured bed sheets. Really, whatever you want, just do it.

You can also include different patterns using different artworks. Remember, bohemian decor is all about mixing and matching. So mix and match different patterns. These can be patterns that contrast or patterns that complement each other.

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  1. February 21, 2020 / 12:28 pm

    I love the Bohemian style but I never really thought about using it in the home. You picked out such beautiful examples with such a wide range of style that I found myself picking out one or two I loved and then another….and then another…. I love all of these and I’m feeling inspired to bring out a little more of the Boho in my home. I already have a ton of vintage pieces and an eclectic mix and match of favorite and sentimental art. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


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