Four Ways Your Home Can Help With Healthy Habits

Our homes are the environment where we can be most ourselves. A safe space where it’s possible to retreat from the stresses of the world, enjoy time with family and friends and take some time for self-care. Understandably, we put a lot of effort into maintaining our houses and making them desirable places to be.

But have you ever stopped to think how your home could actually make you healthier? Yes, the design and set up of your space has a fundamental impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing. Our homes have the power to shape our habits – for the better. Make a few small changes to where you live, and you could be reaping the benefits.

How your home can help with healthy habits

Grow Organic Vegetables

We all know we should be packing our diets with more greens and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each day. But sometimes this is easier said than done. Planting up a small kitchen garden to supply yourself with a range of homegrown, organic vegetables has multiple benefits.

Not only is the act of nurturing a garden great for reducing stress and anxiety, and a good source of low-impact exercise. But the ready supply of chemical-free veg encourages you to eat more and get more creative with your healthy recipes. Set up a raised bed and a potting shed, or simply a few window boxes if you don’t have much outdoor space. Plus, if you have kids that are fussy eaters, getting them involved in growing vegetables is a great way to get them to eat more too.

how your home can help with healthy habits

Ban The Booze

Make a commitment to making your home an alcohol-free zone and you are likely to feel so much better for it. So many of us are in the habit of coming home after a long day and automatically reaching for a beer, or polishing off a couple of bottles of wine on a Friday night just because it’s there. In this way, we end up consuming many more empty calories- and units of alcohol-than we’re really aware of. Making the move to not keep alcohol in the house means it isn’t there. Using a resource like Stop Drinking Expert can help you to gradually reduce your consumption.

Set Up A Home Gym

How many times have you promised yourself you’ll hit the gym after work, only to come in, make dinner, sit down and not seem able to convince yourself to head out again? Well, if you have space, then setting up a home gym can be a great idea to make it easier to fit those sessions in?

It’s a myth that you need lots of equipment. If you’re following a High Intensity Interval workout you just perform bodyweight exercises, and simply purchasing simple items like a skipping rope, an exercise ball, a resistance band, a foam mat or a kettlebell can give you a whole range of workout options without taking up lots of space or budget.

Create A Meditation Space

Keeping our mental wellbeing in check is as important as the physical side of things, and creating a space in your home for meditation can go a long way to helping you manage stress. Setting up a small corner with comfortable cushions, an aromatherapy diffuser and a few framed images that inspire you is the perfect space to use a mindfulness app or practise some breathing exercises.

Your home is a wonderful space already, but if it works even harder to keep you happy and healthy, then that can really make a difference to your life.


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  1. May 3, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    Creating healthy habits is very important for overall health. This is a great list of tips on how to build healthy habits at home.

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