5 Things to Consider While Installing Sheds

When it comes to sheds, you have three options, whether to rent one, buy one or build one. While renting and buying have their own benefits, they do not give you any control over the size, shape and design of the shed. You have to choose from the ones already available in the market. But if you decide to build your own shed, you can make the shape, size and design as per your individual requirements.

If you have an odd corner in your backyard, you can build the shed as per the space available. Odd shapes are not available ready-made in the market, and a customised one will cost a lot. So, the best option that is left behind is to build a shed on your own. This will not only give you freedom over the size and shape of the shed, but will also help you save money on shipping, material and installation.  While it may take some time and effort, building a shed on your own does benefit you in the long run.

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Points to remember when building sheds

Building sheds is a time investment on your part, but the end result makes up for all the sweat and blood that you have spent. But before you embark on this ambitious project, there are a few things you need to consider before getting down to the real part.

#1. Local Building Codes

Many areas require you to apply for permission before you work on anything in your backyard. If you do not comply, you might be sought out by your city code enforcement department. It is always better to check with your homeowner’s association or the chamber of commerce about the requirement of permits for building sheds. They will also give you instructions as to how large your shed can be, the designs you can opt for and where can you place it legally.

things to consider when building a shed

#2. Choosing the correct design

Once you get the general idea with respect to your local building codes, you can start working on the building project. Before going out to buy the supplies, you need to plan the design and functionality of the shed. This will give you an idea as to how big the shed will be and what are the additional accessories and parts you will need for the installation.

#3. The area where the shed will be installed

Whether you want a shed that will house just your extra tools or you need one that will house your lawnmowers and machineries too, the functionality of your shed will largely determine the right spot to install the shed. Once you decide upon the ideal spot, you need to check the place to see if any trees will cause any damage to the roof or the foundation. The ground level too needs to be even to allow proper drainage. Additional requirements depend of the condition of the spot and your personal requirements.

#4. Essentials required for building a shed

Purpose aside, the basic materials used for building every shed are the same. You need a foundation which could be a concrete slab or a raised platform to avoid water damage, the shelves and other add-ons that you require when you know the purpose of your shed, and lastly, proper ventilation to make sure the space does not get too humid or too dry.

#5. The extras

The purpose of sheds is to provide you with additional storage and the shed that you make should give you enough storage space to accommodate all your essentials. Shelves are one of the main components of a shed, as these provide more space for storage with proper organisation. You can also consider having hanging options, especially for tools that you want to keep out of reach of children and pets.

The need for storage is never satisfied, as we constantly need to store something or the other. With an increasing family or a budding business, the amount of tools and other materials increases that you can neither keep nor do away with. In that case, having sheds is essential to keep these things organized at a place. While keeping these things in mind, you can build one in your backyard and solve your storage problems with ease.


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    You made a good point that the ground should be able to accommodate a proper drainage before installing a shed. I’ve recently gotten fond of planting vegetables in my yard so suddenly had a large influx of gardening tools and materials that I don’t have much room for at home. Getting a shed would surely make things a bit more manageable as I move on to planting new kinds of vegetables.

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