Should You Get Dental Implants During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. Every woman deserves to feel loved, pampered, and cared for during this time. Pregnancy hormones have a direct impact on a woman’s dental health. Sometimes they get gingivitis, inflammation in the gums, gestational diabetes, etc., which are enough issues for a woman to deal with at once.

When you consult your dentist about dental implants, he will check your complete health and discuss the right time with you based on your condition. This article mentions some important information that you should know about the relationship between pregnancy and oral implants.

What is elective vs. necessary treatment?

Dentistry and medicine promote the culture of calculating the risks and benefits of any treatment before giving it the go-ahead. Doctors want to keep the risks minimal, and the responsibility increases even more when the patient is pregnant.

The patients who got their dental implants in costa rica asserted that the doctor suggested they wait until delivery to get the implants to prevent any harm to the baby.

Some necessary treatments like dental fillings and treatment for gingivitis do not cause any harm to the patient or the baby. Tooth implants are an elective treatment; therefore, the dentists avoid getting the pregnant woman on the table to operate on her tooth for added safety.

No controlled studies state that oral implants should be avoided or harmful during pregnancy. But the inclusion of anesthesia, x-ray, and pregnancy hormones prompts the doctors to decide otherwise.

Why do the dentists suggest a delay in the dental implant during pregnancy?

Pregnancy makes you look your best but brings a great deal of stress. You may start having dental problems, and some women even lose a tooth because of the pregnancy hormones. So the chances of the success of tooth implants during pregnancy are fewer. Also, it can cause certain health issues in pregnant women. The issues include:

  • Increased complications

Pregnancy is not an absolute no-no against having a dental implant. Still, doctors recommend waiting until after the delivery of your baby because of the surgical nature of the treatment. You will need time to heal from implants thus, which can create complications in your pregnancy.

  • Exposure to X-ray radiation

 An x-ray before any surgical procedure is mandatory to determine the exact position of the implant. Doctors state that x-ray radiations are safe for women in their first and third trimesters. However, there are certain risks associated with x-ray exposure. You may wonder if a dental x-ray will focus on the mouth area. Yes, it is true, but healthcare experts suggest avoiding exposure to x-ray radiation throughout the pregnancy to prevent any harm to the unborn kid.

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  • Stress

Any surgical procedure brings with it a good amount of stress and worries. A pregnant woman undergoes several hormonal changes that cause anxiety and depression. So, doctors suggest that one should focus on the baby and not add any extra stress during her trimesters.

Final Words

It is important to take care of one thing at a time. Dentists recommend a dental implant during pregnancy if it is imperative to conduct the surgery. Or else, they suggest you wait and get the oral implants later. It is better to consult with the dentist and your gynecologist before moving forward.

Should You Get Dental Implants During Pregnancy?

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