A Full Mouth Reconstruction Or Dental Makeover?

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You may have come across the terms oral makeover and full mouth reconstruction sometimes referred to us as full dental reconstruction, and wanted to know what the difference is. Or perhaps you would like to know which would be appropriate for you?

Maybe you have been quoted for one of them and are curious as to why the prices seem to vary so much? This article explores these questions and gets to the bottom of them.

Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction approaches the patient’s needs from the perspective of functionality; it looks at the current state of the patient’s oral health and a treatment schedule is devised to return functionality. It’s usually used when a patient has multiple oral elements occurring at the same time.

For example, a patient may need a set of fillings, maybe two extractions followed by a bridge. By grouping all of these treatments together and referring to them as a full dental reconstruction rather than individual treatments, they can be organized in a way that is more efficient.

If possible, carry out the first steps of multiple procedures before returning to the clinic to complete them during follow-ups. This not only saves the dentist and clinic time but allows those savings to be passed on to the patient.

Reconstructions like this will often have a positive cosmetic effect on the patient’s smile, but this is a secondary consideration and not the primary goal of reconstruction.

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Dental makeovers

Smile makeovers in Glasgow are more appropriate for patients who do not display critical problems with the functioning or health of their teeth, makeovers start out from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

It is important that any medical needs are dealt with before a dental makeover begins and a good quality dental professional will carry out extensive checks before beginning any cosmetic procedures. Treatments tend to focus on the front teeth as those are most often on display.

An oral makeover may consist of a short treatment of orthodontics to realign the front and most prominent teeth, whilst also receiving dental whitening and gum contouring.

The longevity and effectiveness of cosmetic treatments are based on the underlying sound health of teeth. It is important to resolve any health issues first before engaging in cosmetic care.

Price variation

It can be hard to compare dental makeovers to other procedures with full mouth restorations. You’ll usually find most clinics provide a very wide range of possible prices. This is because there is a very wide range of possible treatment options and mixtures of treatments that could all be described as a dental makeover or full mouth restoration. 

It really isn’t until you have had an assessment with a dental professional to ascertain your needs and talk through your aesthetic goals, forming a potential treatment schedule that you would receive a possible quote that you could then compare with other providers.

If you do have health insurance covering dental issues, it is possible that some or all of a dental restoration would be covered, but very unlikely that a dental makeover will be considered as part of the standard coverage.

A Full Mouth Reconstruction Or Dental Makeover?

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