Things you shouldn’t tell your child as a parent

Kids can be moody sometimes, worrying, come home with bad results and a lot more. The mental wellbeing of kids somehow depends on the things they see and how you communicate to them.  The tone you use on them, and your facial expressions when talking to them speaks a lot.

Kids react to the things they hear and see in a different way irrespective of their age. Parents abuse kids more at times without knowing. Scolding at them always won’t make them discipline. Get to understand how they feel as children, put yourself in shoes and talk to them nicely so that they can confide in you always. You scare them away from you whenever you scream at them, maybe they had a bad day at school and would like to talk to you about it.

5 things you shouldn’t say to your child

1. Don’t tell them “you are selfish”:

Most kids pick some behaviours from friends that you may not know. As kids grow up, they learn everything they are exposed to whether good or bad. If they do not like to share what they have with others, do not condemn them but rather teach them the importance or sharing and why they need to share what they have with others. Telling them they are selfish will a long way to affect their feelings. Treat your kids right, they need you in any point in life.

2. “You are dumb”:

No one is dumb. Everyone has something they are really good at. So figure out what your child is good at and support them. Kids have different ways of learning or catching up things. Some are slow, and others are fast.

Have you identified the type of learner your kid is, what are you doing to help? Some may need an extra class to help them catch up since they are slow. But sometimes words of encouragement from a parent can help the child very well. Don’t ask them why they didn’t get an ‘A’ or beat them up. Visit their school to know if your child is facing any challenges and help them overcome it. They can become equally brilliant like the others.

3. “You are too stubborn”:

Children are always troubled when we treat them badly or talk to them in the wrong way. They are human, just like adults and so words get to them too. If your child is stubborn, do not blame them but blame yourself. Parents are solely responsible for any behaviour a child puts up, so if you are not happy with your child’s behaviour, don’t just beat them up or rain insults on the always. Check the kind of friends they play with, your environment, because the environment has an effect on a child’s life both negative and positive. Change their school or where you stay.

things you shouldn't say to your child

4. “You are fat”: 

Stop making your child feel bad about their looks. Rather help them to eat more balanced and nutritious meals and also have some flexible exercises to help reduce their weight. If you keep teasing them and starving them because they are fat, it affects them emotionally and physically. Whenever they are in school, they can not play with their friends because they see their mates to be way different than them. It can affect their eating habits too and can attract some diseases.

5. Do not compare them with their mates:

Every child is unique in their own way. Do not compare them to their mates because they achieved a certain level in life your kids have not achieved. It took those kids encouraging words and support from their parents to get there. Your child needs that too. Don’t tell them “ All you know is to eat and sleep, look at what where your friend is now.” Help them overcome the obstacles drawing them back and encourage them to work harder to achieve their aims in life.


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