The Quilter’s Guide To Choose The Best Quilting Fabric

Every quilter yearns for getting the best quilting fabrics online at a reasonable price. Especially, if you are willing to purchase your quilting fabric online, then you should certainly have some prior ideas about the item, and this will help you in making an informed choice.

Choosing the right fabric for your quilt can sometimes be a daunting task, as it becomes difficult at times to find out an astonishing gem in a single chance. You would require doing your homework well in advance to get the best results.

Here is an expert guide on how to choose the best quilting fabric online for the best results.

There is an availability of several quilting fabrics online like rayon, polyesters, knits, and cotton, and these are just to name a few. Though these fabrics are used for quilting, this is a proven fact that the good quality cotton fabrics are the best for quilt making.

By using the good quality cotton fabrics, you would be able to refine your art of patchwork and appliqué considerably. The good quality cotton fabrics help you in bringing more precision to your quilt making the initiative. Adopting cotton fabric for quilting makes it easier for you to bring the pieces & blocks together with ease.

Some of the reasons why a quilter is recommended to adopt a cotton quilting fabric online over the other fabrics are as follows:

  • Cotton is easier to work with. This is obvious that the cotton fabric is easier to press and easily holds its form, unlike any other fabric.
  • The cotton fabric sticks together enough while sewing your pieces and the pins are often not required. The fabrics like polyester tend to slip very easily and pins are essential while stitching.
  • The 100% cotton fabrics are ideal in circulating the air properly and this helps in capturing the warmth as well as holding it for a longer while. Thus, the cotton quilting fabrics is an ideal choice, especially for baby quilts.
  • Cotton is a durable fiber. It has the ability to withstand constant usage as these last for several years.
best quilting fabric

However, keep in mind that some of the cotton fabrics are unsuitable for quilting. These include velveteen, chino, and poplin. These fabrics are usually heavier than the standard quilter’s cotton.

They can be ideally used but you should not cut any small strips or squares with them. Some of the best quality cotton quilting fabrics online are Homespun, Pima, flannel, and broadcloth.

Determining The Quality Of The Cotton Quilting Fabric

While you are opting to purchase the cotton quilting fabric, you should make it a point to read the description of the product carefully. Once you receive the same, you should feel the fabric and, in case, you feel it is not as good as the promised quality, you should have the option to return or replace with the online retailer.

Good quality cotton usually has a high thread count and most bolts of fabric do not have the mention of the thread count mentioned on them, but you can conduct a simple test of holding up a single fold of fabric in front of a bright source of light.

You will be able to easily see through the fabric if it has a loose weave. You should avoid this kind of fabric. Flannels often have loose weave so you should be extra careful. The price is a big indicator of quality when it comes to cotton quilting fabrics. The cheaper cotton fabrics usually have lower thread counts.

The above guide would certainly help you in choosing the best quilting fabric online which would, in turn, provide you with the best results.


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