Ready for the sun? Here’s how to welcome spring

Spring is finally here and we can slowly but surely start to crawl out of our winter clothes. To those who live in colder areas, this makes a huge difference – and it’s kind of like everybody’s mood changes as well according to the seasons.


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Perhaps that’s why we make such a fuss out of welcoming spring back into our lives with everything from deep cleaning our homes to changing out our wardrobes entirely.

If you’re sick and tired of winter and ready for spring long ago, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here is a handful of ways to get ready for the new season and enjoy the colours, the sun, and the playful spirit of spring a bit more.

Give your home a breath of fresh air

There’s a reason for all that spring cleaning that tends to happen when the sun pops back. Our homes will be brighter and the evenings much shorter, so you won’t really have the opportunity to let the darkness cover up your clutter.

Keeping a neat and clean home is one thing, though, but there are many other ways to make it feel a bit more like spring.

Start by inviting in a few tulips as soon as they are back in season, change out your curtains for some lightweight and flowy ones. And bring in another mirror or two so that the extra sunlight can bounce through each corner of your house. It might not sound like much immediately, but the difference it will make to your home is immense.

how to welcome spring

Change out your wardrobe

A new season means that you get to wear all of those clothes you’ve been missing for the last couple of months. Floral tops, jumpsuits, open shoes, etc – everything can get back into your wardrobe and you can store away those large, knitted jumpers for once.

Try to think about your makeup and perfume choices, in general, as well if you’d like to become the season even more. You can have a look at a non toxic perfume for a lovely floral scent. For example, and start wearing the kind of stuff that just doesn’t go with the cold months.

You can give your home a brand new scent as well, by the way, if you think it’s more suitable for spring. Just look for a proper essential oil diffuser to use in your home and you can fill it with whatever fragrances you feel like.

Change the colours at home

Finally, it’s quite tempting to give your home a bit of a makeover too now that everything is so much sunnier and brighter than it was just a few months ago. Look for happier colours such as green, orange, pink, and yellow to include in your home the coming months.

It doesn’t have to be the kind of stuff that costs a lot either; just go for some pillows or some curtains and you’ll feel the changes already.


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