Comfortably Reshape Your Smile Through Invisalign

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Visibly different technology

One of the most common problems which people have with traditional orthodontic treatments – particularly younger patients such as teenagers or young professionals – is the visibility and impact which they have on how a person’s smile looks throughout treatment. This may explain why Invisalign Leicester has never been more popular. 

Although the transformative effect of conventional braces and orthodontic measures have been held in great esteem for decades now, the visible effect of such treatments on a patient’s aesthetics has not.

This is why more and more people of all ages are increasingly expressing an interest in alternatives such as Invisalign, as they give them the chance to realign and address crooked teeth, without impacting on visible outward appearance.

What actually is Invisalign?

Despite being readily available from a number of trusted dental practices here in the UK since the early 2000s, there still continues to be a considerable number of people out there that are unaware of what Invisalign orthodontic aligners are or the benefits they could be bringing to their smiles.

To understand the beauty of the Invisalign retainer system, you must first grasp the principles of how conventional orthodontic braces work. These traditional braces involve fusing brackets to each individual tooth, and connecting them together with a metallic or plastic tension wire. Over time, the tension from this wire pulls each tooth together until the patient’s smile is straighter.

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This is an effective way of reshaping a patient’s smile, although one which many younger patients avoid seeking out (despite the good it could do) due to the impact it has on their appearance.

Invisalign, however, uses an altogether different method to achieve dental alignment and one which does not call for anything to be attached anywhere within the patient’s mouth. Rather than using brackets and metal wires, the Invisalign method simply calls for a series of custom-made dental retainers – which are entirely non-invasive and removable.

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How does an Invisalign retainer work?

Within every bespoke Invisalign retainer, there are pressure points and grooves, which have been carefully and deliberately positioned, so as to target the specific teeth which have been identified as being crooked.

When the Invisalign retainer is worn over a patient’s existing teeth for the duration of treatment, these pressure points gently and comfortably push these crooked teeth into position.

Because of the composition of each Invisalign retainer, which is both wafer-thin and transparent, they are almost completely invisible when they are worn.

This affords unique advantages to patients, as they can carry out orthodontic alignment attending their school or work, without anyone noticing. Similarly, because their Invisalign aligners can be taken out at their choosing, patients can easily opt to take out their retainers when attending important social occasions, such as dates or interviews, or when eating tough foods.

Therefore, when compared to almost every other type of orthodontic method, the Invisalign process is one that gives patients the ultimate amount of freedom.

These freedoms, alongside the fact that – when compared to treatments such as metal braces or lingual braces – Invisalign is inherently considered to be far more comfortable, may help explain why it is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular alternative cosmetic orthodontic options.

Comfortably Reshape Your Smile Through Invisalign

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