A smile that pops into life


One of your best assets is your smile, both in the romantic sense and in the professional world. For attracting a mate it’s obvious that a great smile can break the ice, get you noticed and seem pleasant to be around. In the world of business, it’s a sign of trust and positive image projection.


But what constitutes a great smile?

Is it the sparkling white teeth? Or how about healthy and bright eyes? It could be your facial muscles that convey a genuine friendliness, making you more approachable. It’s all these things and more.

Unlike the impact of the ‘blue steel’ look in Zoolander, a great smile can stop people in their tracks; at least mentally if not physically.

It’s a way to stand out from the crowd. Be looked up as someone intriguing and can often lead to people wanting to meet you and say something first in social settings. The best smile, pops into life with several striking features coming together at once.



The structure not the color

No one expects you to have a Hollywood bright white smile. It’s also pretty easy to spot a ‘whitened’ smile as it’s just not normal to have your teeth so bright.

However, what makes a smile make a lasting impression is the structure of your teeth. Each tooth should perfectly line up with the next. And make a great curvature from end to end. Fixing crooked teeth isn’t difficult if you have the right dentist to perform the work needed.

Tooth restoration, porcelain veneers and Invisalign braces are just some of the features, done by a professional smile dentist, that can help you on your way in this endeavor. The porcelain veneers are thin shells of ceramic that bond to your front teeth. Their sheen and smooth look put your best foot forward when smiling at someone as your front teeth is the first that will be looked at.


Youthful eyes

 The little imperfections in your face, do dampen your smile. One of these is eyes that look a little weary. Although you’re probably full of life, the body does bear the brunt of our lifestyle. Staying up late partying, drinking alcohol and not getting enough sleep regularly can lead to bags forming underneath your eyes.

It can also lead to having slightly bloodshot eyes that have more red and pink than white in them. Your iris can also look dull and the colour a little faded. To brighten up your eyes and achieve a youthful glow, you can buy drops that improve the health of your pupils and iris.

Such products can reduce the redness and increase the moisture so the light bounces off them and a strong white is projected. Eyes with a proportional look pop out and communicate a lot better when making eye contact with someone. They have a youthful charm about them, that adds a spring in your step.

A smile shouldn’t be faked. People can spot that from a mile off. The structure of your teeth being perfectly aligned will give you the confidence to grin wider, seeming more genuine. Eyes that don’t have swollen capillaries are going to look as if they’re more full of life and grab the attention of people you’re smiling to.

how to have a great smile

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