The Family’s Guide To Fitness In Every Season

Some months make it easier to stay fit and active than others. While different seasons pose different challenges to exercising, they also present unique opportunities to stay fit with the family.

One way to keep the whole family up and active through the changing seasons is to do activities that everyone enjoys. We understand how tough it can sometimes be to sustain children’s attention, so we thought of a number of activities that they will love to go back to for each of the four seasons!

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A guide to fitness in different seasons

Staying active in the winter

During the winter, roads become slippery. This makes it hard and unsafe to go out and jog or ride bikes with the household. Still, don’t let this keep you from getting your dose of exercise.

When it feels more preferable to stay indoors, climbing up and down the stairs is one activity that is much safer than going out for a run. You can also gather the gang to follow exercise videos online. This gives you a lot of freedom with the content to choose, too.

Still, despite the pandemic, there are some outdoor sports that you and your kids can enjoy. Skiing is one that you may be surprised can be enjoyed by everyone, even kids. It is a unique way to get some cardio in, and it is sure to get the kids curious!

Since skiing takes a bit of time to learn, even for adults, use top-notch gear to keep you safe while going on this adventure. The Black Pearl from Blizzard, for example, is tried and tested, specially made for women for a smooth experience while hitting the slopes.

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Staying active in the spring

Spring is usually a friendlier season for the usual jog or bike ride. Still, it doesn’t hurt to still get a little creative when it comes to how you put exercise into your and your family’s routines.

One way is to get to your long-overdue cleaning. The term isn’t called “spring cleaning” for no reason. The comfortable weather makes it a great time to finally declutter at home.

Cleaning up is not always the most exciting activity for children, but they also tend to have the most stuff lying around the house. Sometimes, you just need a few ways to make it interesting for them so that they become motivated.

One way is to give them a checklist that makes the cleaning up a scavenger hunt of sorts. For instance, have them look for items they can wear and place them in one basket, and then all the toys they play with in another basket.

Set a time limit, too, so it feels like a game. When they have finished their tasks, give them a reward for their hard work!

Family jogging outdoors

Staying active in the summer

The occasionally overwhelming heat of the summer makes it preferable to just lounge around, but don’t pass up the chance to do exciting activities that summer makes room for!

The best way to beat the heat is to do the classic summer activity: swim! Swimming is pretty much a universally loved activity among children, so it won’t take too much effort to get your kids to take some lessons or even just go out for the day to swim. You can even plan a beach trip and do some sports such as kayaking and beach volleyball.

Another great thing to have your kids help out with during summer is washing the car. (Yes, it is a good workout!) Since there is little risk for the rain to ruin a squeaky clean car, you can have children help out with a few little tasks. They can fill up buckets with water, rinse parts of the car, and even use a sponge or brush to help clean the tires.

Staying active in the autumn

Autumn is a great time to do some tidying up in the garden because it is not too hot or cold. The season also leaves gardens looking a little messy due to the wealth of leaves falling on the ground, so you should get the whole family involved in beautifying your garden.

Younger children can do simple tasks such as clearing fallen leaves and pulling weeds. The older ones in the family can do the task of planting new crops that will grow in time for spring. You would be surprised at how much cardio gardening gets you to do.

Exercise is very doable for the whole family no matter the season. The earlier you instill the importance of exercise to your kids, the healthier they will be as they grow up.


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