Productive Family Activities to Do with Your Children

Spending time with family is one of the most fun and most loved moments we can ever experience in our lives. But as the kids grow up and the parents get busier with work, we often find ourselves spending less and less time with each other.

We all know how important family bonding is, so learn some pointers and ideas you can try with your family. Not only are they great emotional moments shared, but they’re also opportunities for parents to teach their children more about life.

family playing video game

4 Family activities to do together

Play Games Together

It might not seem like the most productive activity at first. Still, as a family, bonding time strengthens family ties and lets the children feel more comfortable spending time together as a family. From toddler to teenager, if your kids have fun with you, there’s a better chance of keeping them away from negative influences.

The games you play can be as creative as you want them to be, and they can also be the type of games kids enjoy nowadays, like video games. Hey, we played some video games back in the day, too, right? Fortunately, nowadays, many video games allow for cooperative play instead of competitive play. You can play together as a family to accomplish tasks, defeat a common enemy, or work together to win.

Many of these video games also offer different modes of input, so instead of the traditional controller, you can use motion sensors like dancing or moving your body. Video games make for great family bonding, especially when everyone is in on the fun.

father cooking with daughter

Teach Your Kids Some Housekeeping Skills

No, this isn’t only about cleaning chores. If they are old enough, you can teach your teens or tweeners some “adulting” tips, like how to stitch a hole, how to garden (or at least be familiar with gardening tools), or how to cook a full course meal. Basically, all the tips and tricks you learned from your own parents, or the ones you wish you learned when you were younger.

As parents, it’s good to spot teachable moments and pass on to the children your own knowledge and wisdom. Especially nowadays, many manual chores are not being taught anymore due to technology being readily available. But, of course, manual skills remain valuable. And no matter what age the kids are, we can always share values and skills that they can hopefully find useful in life once they fly out of their nest.

father playing with kids outside

Have Fun Outdoors

Outdoor activities are a good way to remove kids from spending too much time with their gadgets. What’s good is you don’t have to go too far to do outdoor stuff. For example, you can teach them hopscotch, play with Nerf guns, or even set up an obstacle course in your backyard.

If the kids aren’t up for a high physical activity, you can still go out to the patio and play some board games while enjoying the outdoor breeze and sun. You can also upgrade your backyard and consider putting a bar on your deck to enjoy a unique outdoor dining experience with your family

Doing some outdoor activities over the weekend with your kids has its own advantages, particularly physically and socially. Just make sure that you wear sunscreen if you plan to stay under the sun, or better yet, ensure that you have a shaded area.

Having a good outdoor area where you can spend time together is a great addition to any household. Skylight roofing like the ones from companies like Duralon can provide ample shade without obstructing sunlight, making it the perfect sunshade for your patio. If you’re thinking of improving next in your house, your yard is the best project.

father and son exercising

Exercise Together

Everyone needs more exercise, the kids and the parents both included. As parents, we’re often too busy to dedicate time to physical fitness. We often spend our time either working or taking care of the kids, resulting in not having any opportunities to focus on ourselves. But why not consider exercising with your children?

Despite the popularity of video games and gadgets, children still hold boundless energies that need expelling. Working out with your children is a great way to accomplish that. Go on a family jog in a park. Or maybe even hike a small mountain together. You can also try participating in a dance class,every member of the family included. It might feel too hokey, but it’s these loving moments that we tend to remember for the rest of our lives.

Family activities should not be seen as just a last resort when there is nothing else to do. Instead, spending time together as a family should be a regular activity because both children and parents need to create a strong bond to ensure that the kids grow up with a positive upbringing.


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