10 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen

Why organize your kitchen?

Organizing the kitchen can be hugely beneficial. This is because, when you are cooking, it can be frustrating if you don’t have essentials readily available when you need them.

When you can’t remember where you placed the salt, pepper, or some other essential ingredient, it can drive you up a wall.

A perfectly organized kitchen can host anybody. Even a stranger can walk into it and instantly know where everything is, This makes cooking very convenient and less time-consuming.

It is also very easy to monitor supplies that may be running low and need replacing better in an organized kitchen than a disorganized kitchen.

Below we will discuss some tips on organizing your kitchen.

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How to organize your kitchen

1. Create a cooking zone

One very important thing to do when organizing your kitchen is to create a cooking zone. The kitchen is a storage space and a cooking space. So you have to make sure that you have a cooking area.

Your stove and sink must be in this area. You must also have enough countertop space to hold vegetables and ingredients when you are cooking.

This makes it easy when you are cooking because you don’t have to walk across the room to get something. Everything you need is right there.

So this space should be big enough to stand in. It should allow enough ventilation and movement so that you are not confined in a small space.

This will allow you to escape in case of an accident and also provide you the necessary freedom of movement to cook.

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2. Get plastic or glass storage containers and label them

In the kitchen, it is better to store ingredients in see-through containers. This way, you don’t have to open a container to see what is inside.

So you can get plastic containers or glass jars to store your ingredients and also label them to make it easier to tell what’s in them. You can use these containers to store anything from flour to spices.

You can also get storage baskets for perishables like tomatoes and onions.

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3. Designate cabinets

You may have a limited amount of cabinets but this should not stop you. You can make compartments if it is possible.

Also, make sure you know what is in each cabinet. It is not uncommon to color code cabinets. Some people also use labels to distinguish cabinets. They may hold utensils, cookware, cutlery, and other things.

Know your cabinets and let them know you. So much that you can cook in the dark without accidentally getting injured. Because you know exactly where everything is.

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4. Create spaces

It’s amazing the number of unknown places in your kitchen you can store things. You can get a floating shelf in your kitchen if you have the space. You can use a towel rack to hang mitts and kitchen napkins. You can get a tier storage cart to store and organize your excesses.

Designing your kitchen should be according to your preferences. What do you want close to you and what do you prefer to be farther away. make it happen.

fridge organization
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5. Organize your fridge

There’s a reason our refrigerators are divided into compartments, to help us organize things in them. Don’t be found guessing where you placed things in your fridge.

Get small plastic and transparent containers to store foods in the fridge. Storing them in transparent containers will make them easily identifiable.

Know which foods to refrigerate and which foods not to. Keep stews and soups you won’t be using anytime soon in the freezer.

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6. Lighting

Proper lighting can transform any room. Lighting your shelves can make your kitchen look very beautiful. You can have a lot more fun with kitchen lighting.

Get a bright and clear light for your cooking area. This helps you to be fully aware of what’s going on when you are cooking a meal.

Get good illumination for your cookware too, especially your cutlery. Do not reach into a dark cabinet if you are not fully aware of what’s in it.

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7. Fancy breakables(china)

Flaunt your china. Arrange them in a way that draws applause. Put them at places where they don’t get disturbed every 5 minutes. This may cause damage to them. Keep them away from children as well.

Arrange them in a way that will make them stable as well, so they don’t crumble at the faintest touch.

8. Gas outside

Make sure dangerous equipment like gas and boilers are in a safe place. In a case of an accident, you should not be too close to these things. Otherwise, injuries may be severe.

If possible, make sure these suppliers are outside the room or as far away as possible to avoid possible fatalities.

9. Zone your kitchen

There are a series of things that occur in the kitchen, not just cooking. There’s getting ingredients reading, cutting of vegetables, washing of dishes, trashing and others. So create zones for all these activities.

To know exactly where you are and what you are doing, this is necessary. this gives your kitchen a wonderfully organized look.

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10. Remove clutter

You can hardly keep an organized kitchen if there is clutter everywhere. Get rid of items that are of no use to you. Store items and appliances you don’t use on a daily basis far away.

These can go in the top cabinets or even if you have some storage space around the house, you can keep these things there until you need them.

Getting rid of these things will create additional space in your kitchen for things that are necessary and you will need more often.


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