10 Tips To Boost Your Mood Today

In times of sickness, uncertainties and pandemics, people normally get anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed. With a fast and deadly pandemic people usually wake up to bad news everyday. So it is very difficult to be cheerful in times like these.

For health workers that are close to the situation, it may be a hard battle not to mentally break down since they witness a lot of unsightly scenes.

Their emotions embark on a roller coaster journey and their mental faculty normally slips into a state of dormancy where they simply accept the cruelty and fatality of such events.

For people outside the health service, these emotions may be present as well even if it is not as bad as someone close to it. These are uncertain times, yes.

But it is important to keep being positive and keep your mental health ticking. With growing levels of fatalities everyday, there are also growing levels of recoveries and hope for the future.

Here’s a few ways you can improve your mood in the face of adversity.

10 ways to boost your mood

1. Isolate socially not mentally

Do not completely shut off the world. Go online and read something positive to boost your mood. Get into an online community and chat with people online. Join a group online so you will have people to talk to even when you are alone at home.

You would be surprised how your mood can easily change for the better just by simply hearing a good joke online or engaging in a conversation with people.

You can also try calling your family and friends. It is important that you keep in touch, although you are social distancing. So call them.

2. Relax

Do not stress yourself over bad news everyday. Learn to relax. Take a walk around your house whiles sipping a drink and listening to some music. Lay down by your pool and just watch the beauty in the sky.

If there are other things that help you relax, then do that too. Some people relax by meditating or doing yoga. If that’s your thing, then do that. This takes your mind off stressful thoughts and worrying imaginations.

3. Manage your info search

In times like these, people post click baits by exaggerating information. Do not search for information from unreliable sources.

If you want to know what’s going with this pandemic, visit WHO platforms or organizations that have been verified to have the correct information, be it your local health service or your president.

4. Sleep well and manage substance

In stressful times, people normally have sleepless nights due to heightened stress levels and depressing news.

Sleep is important for the well being of the body. It helps the body to centre itself and function normally. Sleep when it is bedtime and manage your anxiety level by reading a calm and soothing book.

Don’t try to use substance like alcohol or smoking to manage stress and anxiety. Find healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety. Keep a journal if you have to, so you can better manage your substances in times like these.

5. Exercise

Good exercise is good for your brain. You can relieve stress and sleep effectively if you exercise well. You can get all sorts of exercising equipment online if you are new to this idea.

Just because you are observing social distancing procedures does not mean you can not stretch your legs around the house.

6. Eat right

Just like exercise, food is also good for the body. So it is important that you eat right. There are certain foods that can boost your mood and make you feel a lot better.

This includes; berries, bananas, dark chocolate, nuts, fermented foods and oats. Taking in such foods can improve your mood and make you feel a lot better.

But you don’t have to overeat to make yourself feel better. It is important that you eat right.

green tea

7. Drink green tea

Drinking green tea can also help boost your mood. Green tea contains a little amount of caffeine that can boost your energy and it also contains theanine, which can help you relax.

8. Drink hot cocoa

Just like green tea, drinking hot cocoa can boost your mood. Chocolate contains polyphenols. These antioxidant can help boost your mood and make you feel a lot calmer.

9. Try a fun activity

Do something just for the fun of it. Try baking or get creative and try painting or doing anything artistic. Have fun with it. If you can’t bake, there are so many recipes online.

You can also find some fun tutorials on youtube to try. Doing these activities are definitely going to boost your mood.

10. Plan your time

When you stay home all day, it is easy to spend your whole day doing nothing. So it is important to plan your time. Make a schedule for yourself. Get a planner and create a structure for yourself. That way you know exactly what you are supposed to do every day of the week.

This self quarantine season can be hard, especially if you are the outgoing type. Having to stay home all day can make a lot of people feel lonely and depressed, so it is important that you try these activities each day to help boost your mood.


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