New Kitchens Can Be Costly, So Revamp Instead

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The kitchen is such an important room in the home, and as it’s so well used it really needs to work for you and your family. When the space isn’t quite right it can be incredibly stressful, digging in cupboards to find things you need. Not having enough room to prepare and cook food and being embarrassed for guests to see it which rules out entertaining.

While a new kitchen is a beautiful thing, it’s not something that many of us can afford to just go out and buy when we grow fed up of our current setup. But that doesn’t mean you need to just deal with it as it is too. There are a number of ways you can bring it up to scratch for far less than the cost of a new kitchen. Here are some ideas.


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1. Replace or Refurbish Cupboard Doors

If your kitchen has been standing for quite some time, it might be looking a little dated. Maybe it’s just not your style any more, or perhaps it was there when you moved into your house and you’ve never been fond of it. It doesn’t necessarily need a whole new kitchen. Just replacing the cupboard doors can completely transform it.

If the doors are made of solid wood and are in good condition then you’re in luck. Take them off the hinges and you can refurbish them. Give them a good sand down, then use a cupboard paint in any colour you like to paint them. Switch out the door handles for ones that you like better. And then when you re-hang them everyone will think you’ve had a brand new kitchen fitted.

If your doors are made of cheaper veneer or are generally worse for wear then replacing them entirely is usually the best option. As these doors come in a standard size you can be sure they’ll fit, and you get new doors for the fraction of the price of a new kitchen- but making it look like a new kitchen.

2. Repair Appliances

Appliances in most cases will last a long time, but they won’t last forever. Instead of buying new when they break down, using a company like to repair them instead could save you hundreds.

If your appliances are built in, then you’ll be even more keen to have them repaired since replacing can be a bit of a pain. Whether you’ve inherited a kitchen with non working appliances from previous homeowners or your own appliance has stopped working, this can be a cheaper way to update your kitchen without splashing too much cash.

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3. Replace Tiles

The tiles can be a dead giveaway of a kitchen’s age. Outdated tiles, those that are cracked and chipped with stained grout look seriously unattractive. They can really bring down the look of any kitchen. The problem is, new tiles and someone to fit them can be really expensive.

You have two options here. If the tiles aren’t chipped or cracked but just outdated then you could paint them. Use sugar soap to remove any residue, and then carefully apply tile paint. If you go with white you can paint the tile and the grout, and as a bonus the grout won’t get dirty and can be wiped clean as it’s protected by the paint.

If they’re falling off or generally worse for wear, remove them and have a backsplash fitted instead. You can get these in all styles and colours, they’re inexpensive and easy to fit- something a DIYer could do with ease.

4. Re-Cover The Floor

Just like with wall tiles, floor tiles can also look worse for wear after a while. If yours are broken or ugly then instead of shelling out for brand new ones, vinyl is a good option. With the right underlay it can usually be fitted right over existing flooring. It can be found in lots of styles and colours and is nice and warm underfoot.

You will need a professional to put this in as there’s no margin for error without it looking botched. But it’s not a big job and they will be in and out within a couple of hours maximum. Cover over your ugly old floor with a nice new covering which will instantly transform the space.

5. Organize

If space is an issue in your kitchen, believe it or not you might not even need a bigger kitchen. Instead, you may just need to make the best use of the space you have. Start by decluttering, there’s no point holding onto appliances you never use, repeats of things (tons of baking trays, pans etc that have the same function) and other miscellaneous items. Give them a new home by donating to charity or giving to friends. If they’re past their best then put them in the bin.

When you have only the things you need, get smart with organizing. Use containers to keep things separate. Plate stackers, drawer dividers and other items can all help you to do this.

If you have an unused cupboard in the kitchen or anywhere downstairs, one idea is to transform this into a pantry. Line it with shelves and then store your dried ingredients like tins, jars and packets. This frees up space in your main kitchen cupboards so that it’s easier to keep them organized and usable.


6. Paint the Walls

White or magnolia paint can be bought in bulk tins and doesn’t cost much. But a fresh coat of paint can really liven up the kitchen. Since it’s prone to marks and spills, it’s handy to keep the tin of paint somewhere handy so you can touch up a couple of times a year and keep it looking nice. Plain, neutral walls will help to bounce the light around and make it feel more spacious.

7. Add Some New Accessories

Finally, the little touches can make a big difference. New tea towels, mugs, blinds or curtains, o’clock, flowers and other features will bring your kitchen to life. Get rid of anything that’s grubby and outdated and replace with nice new accessories.

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